Zhilin Campaign Journal #3: The First Assignment

We’ve covered a bit about the group and setting, and then a bit about the optional rules I’m employing at my table. Now, finally, I can talk about that first assignment!


The group made their way to Zhilin, as per the directions from their various recruiters, and were escorted to the guard barracks. Another member of the guard assigned them a bunk and a chest with a key and told them to wait until the evening briefing. During the time they waited, they looked around and saw quite a few people being assigned to quite a few beds. Some looked new. Some looked old.

When Captain Sige called the entire group of guards to order for the night shift, he had a few words to say:

“Welcome to Zhilin, I’m your Captain, Tharles Sige. You have been chosen because you show the qualities we look for in new city guards: you are breathing and you came willingly. All the stuff the recruiter told you is bull, except for the pay. We will pay you amazingly well, largely because you probably won’t survive to spend it. Hate to burst your bubble.

If you need equipment, see Captain Pingal at the end of the hall in the equipment lock-up. She can get you any armor or weapons you need. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your gear together because we would like to see your scowling faces again at the end of your shift.

Every five days, Pingal is also the paymaster for the garrison. Don’t miss the noon pay call or you won’t get paid. It’s that simple.

You are expected to represent the Zhilin City Guard (ZCG) at all times on duty. When you’re off duty, you can do whatever the hell you want — but if you break the law, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You’ll get caught. Or you’ll get dead. Either way, your career here ends abruptly.

Now, I will come through and grab a handful of you for a mission. Some of the other quarter captains will do the same thing. We have missions for you to set those glorious careers with the ZCG off with a bang. So sit still and come with us when we get you…”

Sige tapped the PCs on their various shoulders, including a skinny man wearing a robe, and escorted them to his office.

“You lot. You’ve been tasked with finding a lost girl. Kathel Luce. The Merchants of Luce are a relatively new addition to Zhilin, but as they help keep our visitors happy, we need to see if we can find their wayward kid.

Go to the Cracked Mug and ask around. It’s the closest tavern to the sewer entrance where she was last seen. No, I don’t know why she was in our district, this isn’t her district. No, I don’t know why she was near the sewers. No, I don’t recommend going to talk to her family — if they let her out of their sight they’re not going to have anything helpful to tell you anyway. Yes, this is your job. She’s being described as about 15 years old, 5 feet tall with long blond hair. She was last wearing a blue dress. Go find her. Report back at sunrise with anything you discover. This is your mission until you find her alive or dead. Dismissed.

Oh, and don’t forget to gear up with Pingal. She’ll get you set up.”

And with that, they were on their way.

Moving On…

They stopped by the barred window of Captain Pingal and requisitioned uniforms and a few supplies. Some took weapons, arrows, and bolts. Others took torches, flint, and tinder. They asked a few questions, but Pingal was… reticent to answer any questions without having actual answers.

After donning their uniforms, they headed back into the East Quarter to find the Cracked Mug…

Next up… a proprietor with a problem.


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