Zhilin Campaign Journal #8: Continuing the Adventure

When we last left our group of new Zhilin City Guards, they were hanging out at the Cracked Mug tavern, owned by the now sheepish Celi who owes the party a debt of gratitude for taking care of his rat problem and keeping his impropriety quiet. They were contemplating their next move in the investigation to find the missing 15-year-old girl, Kathel Luce. (See more in the last adventure summary…)

There were a few regulars in the tavern the group wanted to speak to, so they approached them one at a time:

  • Bart, Cleric of Mitra, approached a short, gray-haired man in a robe sitting at a table and nursing an ale. His name was Findu and he is a priest at the Shrine in the East Quarter. Though he is friendly, he admits he doesn’t know anything about a missing girl. He suggests that they speak to the Goon guarding the sewer entrance around the corner. They may have more luck there.
  • They then approached a man with a bad haircut and fine clothing. He is quite cagey about his own situation but hints that he is in some sort of trouble. All he wants to know is if the group can escort him out of town and home to his village of Conwy to the north. He never gives them his name.
  • Lastly they spoke with a well-dressed aristocratic woman sitting at a table in the corner. When they approach her, she shushes them quite loudly. She also never gives her name, but she tells the team about the three quarters of the city again and the quarter below… ‘Neath. Perhaps they would know more there.

With a bit more information at hand, they ventured outside to head towards the sewer entrance around the corner where they found a large, hulking figure standing guard. Head hidden in the depths of a hood. Body hidden in a large, shapeless cloak. The handle of a large club poking out over one shoulder. And though the figure’s head moves when they walk up,  it doesn’t seem too concerned by them.

After a brief and uncomfortable conversation (Bart called her “sir” and it rankled her slightly), it turns out that she is simply watching the gate to make sure that nobody enters who isn’t supposed to enter. She explains that she’s only been on duty for a couple of days and was assigned guard duty after the girl disappeared. And she offers to hold the gate for them, not standing in the way of city guard business. Anyone who enters ‘Neath usually ends up in Haven, so they might ask about her there. The entrance is in the sewer.

Though some members want to arrest her for simply being intimidating, the party goes through the gate into the sewer below. It’s not well lit, but there are grates that provide some light from above. Someone lights a lantern and they move along pretty quickly.

Well, until they find the dead body about 120 feet down the tunnel and the trap door in the floor about 30 feet beyond it. A few party members stop to investigate the body while the others moved down the tunnel to the trap door.

The body, on closer inspection, seems to be of an older individual with no obvious wounds. They decide that he or she may have simply passed away of old age and been disposed of, a sign of some of the decadence and uncaring nature of the world above. When they turn it over, a swarm of rats skitter away from their meal, having been consuming her flesh and organs for a time.

Meanwhile, the other half of the group was investigating the trap door just as they heard the rain begin… Stay tuned for the next installment.

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