Zhilin Campaign Journal #21: Solving the Case?

After 4 sessions and roughly 10-12 hours of gaming, our brave group of heroes has found the girl they were asked to track as their first case as city guards in the City-State of Zhilin. And I want to take some time in this post to talk about a few meta-game things before we move on.

First, going all the way back to the very first session, our heroes were asked to find the lost girl, Kathel Luce, 15-year old daughter to one of the new merchant families in the city. After only about a shift and a half, they managed to do that. Quite an accomplishment for a new group of heroes, let alone a new group of gamers — some of whom had never played any form of tabletop RPG before.

It’s quite possible that the family will want the city guards to investigate the girl’s death and want to hold her boyfriend accountable for her murder.

Second, I’ve been taking it easy on them. Long ago I talked about the use of “brownie points” in a campaign to help smooth things along, and they have made good use of those. In addition, I let them get away with things I probably wouldn’t have with a more experienced group of players. For example, not only grabbing a stake from another player but jamming it into the vampire? Really should have been two separate actions on two different turns, based on the basic rules for Mazes & Perils. Plus, we kind of on the fly decided that the wooden stake would paralyze the vampire.

Third, we’ll ignore the second point entirely because we were having a blast, I like seeing the players being heroic with their characters, and they were all jazzed by the end. Ultimately the rules are just guidelines we can play fast and loose with and our ultimate goal is TO HAVE FUN. Mission accomplished.

Fourth, I’m pretty sure the story isn’t going to end there. 🙂

  • How did the girl die? And how did her body end up with the ghoul?
  • Lord Daire may be dead, but was he really the one that ripped the leather-wrapped female warrior to pieces? And is anybody going to come looking for him?
  • Where’s the other leather-wrapped warrior? Who are they? What are they after?
  • What about the ghoul? Are they going to leave it down there?
  • Will Chee have to pay his yearly “payment” to the Lords of the Undercity if Lord Daire isn’t there to accept the payment? How did the girl die?
  • What’s still snarling in the sewers in the Market District?
  • Why is the sickness still spreading?
  • What is the Undercity? Who are its Lords?

So I suspect we’re going to keep going with this campaign, because I kind of know where it’s headed but am really enjoying the journey. Hopefully the players are too. 🙂



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