Zhilin Campaign Journal #20: Truth or Daire

So the party had found a secret entrance to a room beyond this dead-end in an ancient sewer many layers beneath the city and inside was a figure loudly snacking on something. That odor they’d smelled when they opened the door above? Yeah, this was definitely the source.

They shined a light inside and really couldn’t determine what the creature was eating, so Solo looked in with a light and said “Um, hello?”

The creature paused, but didn’t turn. “What want?” it croaked out in an awful voice.

That gave the party something to ponder. It talked. They weren’t expecting that. But by actually entering the room with a light, they were able to see what the creature was eating. It was a person. And it was wearing a blue dress. And it had long blond hair.

There was a good chance this was the girl they had been sent to find.

Meanwhile, Hansel had been left keeping watch around the corner and noticed a curious thing. As a dwarf, he can see in the dark. But suddenly things were getting too dark down the hallway back towards the ladder they’d climbed down. And the darkness was moving towards them.

He yelled to his companions and they backed into the dead end, pondering their options as the darkness grew closer a bit at a time. They were not sure what was coming, but it wasn’t good. (There was even some meta-gaming where a player jumped to the conclusion that it was a Gelatinous Cube, which made me smile a lot.)

Eventually the party decided they would huddle in the room with the ghoul, beyond the secret door. And they would close the door, somehow, even though they weren’t sure if they could open it again. The ghoul got in and out somehow, so they reasoned they could too.

And at the end of the hallway, the darkness disappeared and in its place was a smiling man carrying two swords. One of the characters used a piece of the broken silver mirror to see if he could catch a reflection — and he most certainly could not. It was a vampire! The shaman cast a bolt of spirit fire and the vampire took a bit of damage, but kept on coming. Another character fired a crossbow bolt and missed.

Just like that, the battle was joined. The vampire closed quickly into their midst and struck at the wizard, but missed — and his sword went skittering into a corner of the room. A couple of hits happened here and there, but the tide turned in a curious way.

The thief attempted to back stab the vampire with one of the wooden stakes from the wrapped warrior, but missed. And in a desperate ploy, the dwarf grabbed the stake and jabbed it into the vampire’s heart. Somehow, his aim was true and the vampire froze in his tracks, bound by the earth. And in a frantic hack, Solo swung his large silver sword at the creature’s neck and lobbed off its head.

Meanwhile, the ghoul was still eating the young girl in the far corner of the room.

The party removed the vampire’s headless corpse from the ghoul’s presence and took the head even further away, then lit both on fire. In such an enclosed space, the smoke quickly filled the corridors with thick, greasy smoke that choked at the character’s lungs. Most attempted to make their way back to the ladder, but one stayed behind to try and get a scrap of clothing from the girl the ghoul was eating.

He was successful and the smoke-damaged party emerged into the dimly lit cavern of Haven above. They found their way back to HQ and delivered the news of their success to their captain, who said he would speak to the family on their behalf.

And that’s where we left it.

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