Zhilin Campaign Journal #19: What’s That Smell?

We left our heroes at the door to a shack along the wall of the cavern of Haven. This tiny shack is not much bigger than an outhouse and the debate began over who was going to open it. There were no windows, just the one door.

Eventually they had Tyrion scope out the door, but he couldn’t find any traps, so either Sago, Hansel, or Bart opened the door. It was sealed shut somehow, but with a mighty pull he yanked it open — and the smell hit them. The odor of rot, death, and decay. Peering into the tiny hut, they saw a hole leading downward with a ladder sticking out of the top.

There was no snarling or noise of any kind they could hear below. Just that smell.

One at a time, they dropped down the ladder and lit a lantern. It was some sort of an old, dry sewer tunnel. Just how old is this part of the world to have a sewer three levels beneath the city above?

Carefully, they crept along in the gloom. There were footprints in the silt at the bottom of the dry sewer, but nothing moving. After a few minutes of searching however, they found something that used to move. Parts of a body at the end of a dead-end corridor. And the first thought was “is it the girl?”

Moving forward, they discovered a female body that had been torn apart and was loosely connected by leather wrapping. Could this have been one of the wrapped warriors the Goon had seen enter the sewers earlier in the day? The body was strangely emaciated, but bloodless. In fact, there was no blood anywhere — just the body torn to pieces. And if these warriors were as good as they were suspected of being, what could possibly have torn this one apart so effectively?

Scattered amidst the pieces, they found what had to be her items:

  • Sharpened, wooden stakes
  • A crossbow with silver-tipped bolts
  • A one-handed hammer carved with strange holy symbols
  • A silver mirror broken into a handful of pieces
  • A wineskin filled with water (holy water, it turned out to be)
  • A silver shortsword and a silver dagger
  • And the leather armor wraps which didn’t seem to do her much good.

All the items were collected and the body parts were left while some members of the group began searching for some sort of secret door. From the entrance, they found two dead ends and knew someone else had to be down here somewhere. After a few minutes, two of the heroes discovered air moving from beyond the second dead end and eventually found a button.

As the wall slowly pulled aside when they pushed the button, they heard the distinct sound of loud chewing coming from the small room on the other side. Peering in, they saw a figure hunched over a pile on the ground definitely enjoying a meal. They hoped against hope it wasn’t the girl, but had a bad feeling about the whole situation.

And there’s definitely a reason they had a bad feeling about the whole thing, which we’ll get to next time.


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