Zhilin Campaign Journal #18: Paranoia by Candlelight

Let’s continue summarizing that last session, shall we?

From the Cracked Mug, our band of heroes headed back down towards the Undertown of Haven to speak with Falco, leader of the Goons. Along the way, they saw their “friend” Muril, the Goon guarding the entrance to the sewers after the girl Kathel Luce went missing. She flagged them down on the way in and told them to be wary of two strangely wrapped figures heading in earlier. When they asked why she didn’t stop them, she answered simply: “The looked like they could handle themselves.” Apparently they were armed to the teeth with crossbows, swords, and knives. One even had a hammer and stakes. (At this point all the players looked at one another and were wondering “Vampires?”)

They quickly made their way down through the sewer and the darkened tunnel level below into the dimly lit cavern that holds Haven’s odd assortment of buildings and characters, arriving at Falco’s doorstep. The Goon guard let them in and they found the mountain of a man drinking a beer with a young, skinny boy.

“Gentlemen! Let me introduce you to Sago, the young man you sought so eagerly!”

Sago was not the most forthcoming of individuals when it came to information:

  • No, I don’t know where Kathel is.
  • No, I don’t know why she came after me.
  • No, I wasn’t around when she came looking. I was on a mission for Chee.

Solo was really itching to beat some answers from the boy, but did his best to simply intimidate the youth. That turned out to be quite effective. Sago immediately offered to take the guards to see his boss, Chee. He was hiding out in the Market District.

The party thanked Falco and Sago led them back up through the sewers, though the ended up coming out of a different entrance than they had been traveling through. A short distance away, Sago pulled some boards off the side of an abandoned shop tucked between two others and pointed up some stairs.

“Chee’s up there. He’s a little preoccupied, but I’ll be going now.” Of course, the party didn’t let him get away with that. They pushed him ahead of them up the stairs and came into a small room lit by the light of at least a dozen candles. Along the walls were several chests full of coins. And hunched over a small table, the man they assumed must be Chee was counting coins.

Hansel, always the jokester, decided to shout random numbers at the man until he turned around, wide-eyed and crazy. “Who are you? What do you want? Do you have money? I need more money.”

Turns out that Chee, as the leader of the Orange Hand, had to pay a yearly “fee” to the rulers of the Undercity beneath Zhilin. And he was 2,753 gold short. A man from the darkness, Lord Daire, would be coming to collect. And if he didn’t have enough, he’d be dead. “Arrest me and I’m dead by morning!”

Sago seemed a little less reluctant to talk while in the presence of his boss and told the group that he thought Kathel came to find him because her parents didn’t approve. They’d banned the couple from seeing one another. So it’s likely that she ran away to join Sago as a part of the Orange Hand.

After some convincing, they got Chee to tell them where he sent the girl “in the blue dress” to find Sago. It was one of the “holes” in Haven through which to get to the Undercity. He gave them vague directions, but Sago wasn’t sure which hole he was talking about. On their way out, Solo casually knocked all of the coins off the table and scattered them around the room. They left the man sobbing behind them and Sago was quick to use the opportunity to slip into the crowd and vanish.

Back down to Haven they went and asked Falco if he could help them find the hole. Of course, he knew just the one in an unused corner of the cavern. Sure enough, they found it without trouble. A small shack propped up along the wall to the cavern.

And that’s where we’ll leave things until the next post…

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