Zhilin Campaign Journal #17: Second Shift

Hard to believe it’s been two months since our stalwart band of new guards in the City-State of Zhilin last convened to continue the adventure (read here for the end of their last shift). Even harder to believe is the fact that it took three sessions to get through the first DAY of in-game time and session #4 is just the beginning of their SECOND SHIFT!

Bah! Where does time go?

levelup2Well, once we dusted everything off, and did a brief recap, I had them do something I pondered at the end of the last session — leveling up. So everybody added 6 or 7 HP to their character sheets, gained new spell slots, or simply felt a little more confident they might survive to see the end of another session.

(While they were leveling up, I also did a little health check on our dwarven fighter, Hansel (Constitution check). He doesn’t seem to be feeling feverish or weak, so we’ll count him good for another day of work. There was a chance he might be feeling flu-ish or worse — plague-ish — after being healed by the ratling priest, but dwarves are a hearty bunch, so we moved on.)

Once that was done, there were three orders of business before they headed down do the Undertown of Haven.

  1. Grab any equipment they might want from Captain Pingal behind the desk.
  2. Check in with their boss, Captain Sige, and see if there was any news in the start-of-shift briefing.
  3. And then do any last minute running around. Perhaps they might drop by Mr. Hand’s shop or stop by the Cracked Mug for a cup of courage and a warm meal before heading back into the depths?

Who knew that Captain Pingal, that old salty wench in charge of supplies behind the counter at HQ, would be so popular? The group got all sorts of equipment — torches, oil, and lanterns, silver daggers, silver-tipped crossbow bolts, throwing darts… It was quite a mix.

checklistIn the briefing, Captain Sige talked about a handful of topics:

  • Sickness spreading in the district
  • Some snarling reported from beneath sewer grates in the Market district
  • Increased pickpocket activity reported
  • And reports of a pair of unnerving warriors wrapped head to toe in leather wraps

All in all, just another evening in Zhilin.

From there, they headed to Mr. Hand’s where their thief, Tyrion, somehow knew the magic knock code to get through the door. And once in, they were greeted by the rough looking proprietor himself, missing fingers and all.

They negotiated for some “silver” for their weapons. Solo purchased a couple of vials good for one weapon each. This is some form of alchemical magic that works in a similar fashion to poisoning a weapon — rub it on and your weapon does more damage to critters affected by silver weapons, at least for a little while.


And the mage, Avil, looked for another magic wand to add to his arsenal. He was slipped some coinage (50 gp) from another character (Hansel I believe) for a Wand of Paralysis (11 charges) to take along when they needed it. (During this process AJ realized that her wizard already had a Wand of Magic Missiles in his possession, so now he could two-fist it on the adventure!)

When they were done spending money, Solo and Daggara asked Mr. Hand if he might know anyone who could teach pickpocketing. He thought that was quite a strange question — him being an above-board businessman and all. But eventually after some hemming and hawing he did agree that perhaps he’d known such people in the Orange Hand at one time, but that association was long behind him.

“Now get out!”

Mr. Hand is not the friendliest of folk.

nicubunu-Beer-cracked-mug--transparent-2400pxFrom there they moseyed over to the Cracked Mug to see if the proprietor, Celi, knew anything else he could tell them about the Orange Hand. He had nothing new to offer, but did get them all an ale and a meal of their choice. Most chose the meat and cheese tray, but Brother Bart was not above trying the bowl of strange meatballs. Apparently he felt that his deity would protect him from whatever mystery meat might be floating in there…

Once their snack was done, it was time to head down through the sewers to talk with Falco, leader of the Goons, and see if he had in fact managed to track down Sago, the missing boyfriend of Kathel Luce, the wayward girl they’d been looking for over the last several sessions.

And that’s where we’ll pick up in the next post!

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