Zhilin Campaign Journal #16: Ending their first shift with the ZCG…

After leaving the ratlings nest, they worked their way back through the tunnels to the ladder into Haven and were happy to emerge into the more open space. (For more about the ratlings, check out the last post…) They were ready to get the missing Goon named Brun back to his boss so they could end their shift. Though they hadn’t yet found the missing girl, they were definitely establishing relationships that they hoped would pay off soon.

Back at Falco’s lair, they were relieved when the big boss seemed genuinely pleased to see his wayward guard. A happy reunion revealed a few bits of information:

  • It wasn’t the ratlings who were causing trouble, but the Shifter who invaded their territory.
  • Brun would become a liaison with the Children of the Scarred Tail clan and the Goons would work more closely with them in the future.
  • Falco was concerned to hear that there may be more lycanthropes coming from below. He and his people would definitely keep a closer eye on things.
  • And he would have information for the guards by the beginning of their next shift on Sago’s whereabouts, they should return then.

Our heroes were happy to emerge in the “world above” of Zhilin’s east quarter after an exhausting first shift that led them on a merry chase:

  • They began their careers as members of the Zhilin City Guard.
  • They were given the task of finding the missing teenage girl Kathel Luce.
  • They started with the Cracked Mug tavern and cleared out a small “rat problem” for owner Celi.
  • They were nearly washed away in the sewers beneath Zhilin.
  • They found their way into the underground town of Haven and met Falco, leader of the Goons.
  • They stopped a rogue Shifter and helped a ratling clan.
  • They gained friends among the Goons and the ratlings.
  • And they may have a solid lead on Sago’s location at the beginning of their next shift so they could continue their quest to find the missing girl.

They returned to Zhilin City Guard HQ and reported into their boss, Captain Tharles Sige. He was relieved and surprised to see that they all survived their first shift and even more encouraged by the fact that they may have a line on the missing girl. He informed them of a sudden outbreak of some disease after a body washed out of the sewers somewhere in the Market district, but told them to get some rest and return for their next shift.

Thus ended the party’s first day as guards in the Zhilin City Guard. Though most of the party headed into the guard dorm to sleep, a couple of party members headed out to take care of personal business.

  • Bart headed off to the Shrine of Dolothar in the East Quarter to seek treatment for any potential diseases he may have contracted. He was the one who inspected the dead body in the sewer and put his finger in the pool of blood in the ratling tunnel, so he didn’t want to take any chances. And one of the priests was happy to oblige with a small vial of potion. Apparently there were a few people showing signs of a minor plague and they were treating anyone who exhibited symptoms. As a member of the guard, they were happy to help him stay healthy to fulfill his duties.
  • And Avil left without informing anybody to his intent.

All things being unequal, I think they did remarkably well. I only came close to killing one PC so far… the dwarven fighter. And though he has avoided the curse of lycanthropy, he has other things to look forward to.

We have yet to schedule our next session, but it’s quite possible they may actually find the trail of the missing girl!


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