Zhilin Campaign Journal #15: Children of the Scarred Tail

Once our heroes took care of the Shifter, a few preliminary questions were answered to the heroes’ satisfaction, and the ratlings were safe to move back to their nest, they took the PCs with them deeper into the tunnels. (See the last post for details about their encounter with the creature and meeting the ratlings…)

Inside the ratlings’ nest, they found the missing Goon named Brun, mending from wounds as the ratlings tried to explain in their rushed first meeting. They were introduced to¬†Knamihl, priest of Yxnus, God of Rats, and they learned a few things:

  • This ratling clan was known as the Children of the Scarred Tail and they did their best to help any wayward souls who stumbled into their domain. They survived by scrounging the refuse of the world above and bringing what they could back to the Nest to feed and clothe their family and friends.
  • If they found things worth selling back, they went to see Mr. Hand (no relationship to the Orange Hand gang) in the market quarter. He was a friend in the world above, though they tried to stick to the shadows and avoid all others.
  • Any who were brought to the nest and healed were allowed to leave again as soon as they were able. Most chose to leave Zhilin, but some remained in Haven and others went back to their lives in the city above.
  • The great god Yxnus was a kind deity who enabled Knamihl and his people to heal any who came to them in need.
  • They found Brun a few days ago, badly hurt after his encounter with the Shifter, and brought him back to the Nest to heal him.
  • They attempted to do that with the Shifter about a week prior, but he was struggling with the effects of the Shifter curse and going mad. Over the next few days, the Shifter attacked anything that moved in the tunnels. They lost clan members and pets to the madness.
  • The group of ratlings and rats the PCs encountered during their battle with the Shifter was coming back from a scrounging mission to the surface. They had to travel in larger groups to protect themselves against the Shifter.

The priest helped out the dwarf, and even did a ritual to remove the Shifter’s curse. (But even so, the dwarf can tell he’s not quite 100% and will need more rest and healing over the next few days.)

The heroes spoke with Brun, who confirmed the ratlings’ tale of his rescue. He is thankful for the clan’s aid and would return to his boss Falco with the party to explain his side of the story.

Before the party leaves the nest, Knamihl tells them that they fear there will be more Shifters rising from below Haven to cause trouble. They should be aware of the coming danger.

And with that, they took Brun and headed back to Haven to get him back to Falco and the Goons…

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