Zhilin Campaign Journal #10: Threads of Fate

No, we’re not talking about Fate the RPG here, but rather the various threads I can pull on a bit like Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos (the Greek Fates) in the plot skein of my campaign.

So far we’ve introduced the following threads:

  • The PCs are members of the Zhilin City Guard (ZCG) and tasked with keeping visitors and the population of Zhilin safe.
  • Kathel Luce is a missing 15-year old girl who disappeared into the sewers beneath Zhilin.
  • Sago, a member of the Orange Hand gang, is rumored to have been Kathel’s boyfriend and the reason she entered the sewers.
  • Celi, owner of the Cracked Mug tavern, has connections to the Goons, a gang of hired thugs in Zhilin. The Goons “acquire” various barrels of ale from other taverns in town for him.
  • There is a paranoid man at the Cracked Mug seeking a way out of Zhilin and back to his home village of Conwy (to the north).
  • There is an aristocratic woman at the Cracked Mug waiting for something to happen.
  • Falco, leader of the Goons, has asked the party to investigate a group of Ratlings causing issues. He has asked for tails or ears as proof the matter has been resolved.
  • Brun, a Goon scout, has gone missing while investigating the Ratlings and Falco has asked the party to find him and bring him home alive or bring his ring.

And we have a couple of paths left to tread:

  • The Orange Hand, who may know more of Sago and Kathel, specifically where Kathel may be found.
  • The Ratlings, who are causing “trouble” in the level between the sewer and Haven.

I know where these threads (and a couple of others) are going, so I’m staying ahead of the players so far, but it’s been a ton of fun to see some of these things play out.

As these players (and their characters) gain in experience, I fully expect a couple of things to come to a head as well. I’ve already mentioned the conflict between the Cleric (worshipping Mitra, a Lawful Good god) and the Holy Knight (worshipping the Undying, a Neutral Evil entity). And I have some interesting twists in store for the mage in the party, who may become an unwilling pawn between two other groups in opposition (yet to be revealed).

I have yet to really play with the Shaman’s sense of the balance of nature, though that’s coming soon. And so far there’s not been an obvious hook for the dwarven fighter in the party or the halfling thief, but I am keeping myself open to possibilities.

It’s good to be a GM weaving all of these plots together, but I have to keep them all straight. I’m keeping copious notes, let me tell you! These posts actually help me do that as well.

I only wish our next session wasn’t so far away!

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