World: [Immortals’ Wake] Welcome to the Mother’s Fold

So good to see you! Welcome to Belos, city of commoners, royalty, and the divine. Not far from the Mother’s Fold bridge, a mysterious construct from a lost age we can debate another time. First we must take you for a blessing at the Grand Basilica, home of the Church of the Mother and protector of the holy artifacts of Elle T’aibi, may her soul forever watch over us…

Yes, not far from here is the entrance to the Bazaar, a place where goods of debatable quality may be found or sold for a price. There you will find the food vendors, the weapon sellers, and whatever else your heart desires. Oh! But here we are at the doors!

(Kneeling, your benefactor gestures across his chest, stands again and leads you down the aisle of pews.) Some nearly 10,000 people come to pray each day here at the morning and evening masses. It is a great honor to be within these sacred walls. (He gestures to the ceiling…) Many simply come to sit and admire the symbols of our faith here. The Architect, Villam H’ashim, is said to have laid on the floor while the artists were finishing the inside of the dome.

At the peak of the dome is the representation of the Holy Mother in her ascension to the side of the Maker. Surrounding her are her disciples, the First Tier – St. Jost, St. Shea, St. Daniel, and St. Xa – who spread the word around the world. The entire history of our faith is there to be told to any and all who would accept our charge of peace and brotherhood.

(As you and your benefactor walk across the room to the altar, you see an armored woman in full plate tread steadily, but carefully, back to the doors you came through.) Ah yes. Lady Dagor of the Order of St. Greggor. Her order is among the youngest in the Church, but already she has quite a following. They are charged with dealing with the demons that plague our lands.

You have heard of the Changed? (He again kneels and gestures across his chest.) No? Well, these vile creatures are once again on the rise as we are on guard for the Nameless One to wind his way to the coast through our fair city. In his wake, we must all be alert for demons and those who would hide them from our sight. You should come to the sermon in two days – High Chancellor Devro himself will be speaking about the coming chaos and what we must do… You must come! Your very soul hangs in the balance!

(You and your benefactor approach the altar and he gestures for you to kneel.) Oh Most Holy Mother, we implore you to watch over this spirit as one of our own… This wayward soul has come to you for guidance and protection… And in return we shall all be your eyes and ears upon this world to protect our brothers and sisters across the land… Maker bless us all. Amen. (He gestures for you to rise.)

(He guides you back to the front of the Basilica.) It is good that you are here before the Evil comes. We must all be on watch for demons and demon-worshippers. Be vigilant and may the Mother and Maker watch over you in your quest…

(You are left outside the doors to the Grand Basilica to ponder your fate…)

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