What’s my Follower doing?

Soon you will have another weapon in the war against the darkness. The Holy Knight is a new class coming soon to Mazes & Perils that combines the ferocity of a Fighting Man with the faith of a Cleric. And woe be to their enemies on the battlefield, for they have the power of the gods behind them.

As a Holy Knight, you will find yourself attracting a following. Some of those individuals may choose to aid you in order to learn your ways and join your ranks. A few of those may actually be useful to your cause. But sometimes you will need one to perform a task and they can’t be found… Roll on the following table should that happen and you may get an idea of what they are up to…

“Where’s My Minion?” (Roll a d12)

  1. varlet_or_squire_carrying_a_halberd_with_a_thick_blade_and_archer_in_fighting_dress_drawing_the_string_of_his_crossbow_with_a_double_handled_winchBuffing your armor and taking special care to ensure that the boots shine with a particularly spectacular gleam when you kick Evil’s butt with them.
  2. Mending your spare pair of underclothes. The last time you fought the forces of Evil, a shot got all the way through your armor and cut a hole that might have caused chaffing in your next battle.
  3. Finding food worthy of a Holy Knight and seeking to have it prepared with the proper care and attention to detail that befits one of your rank.
  4. Reading a book (or at least perusing the pictures) you suggested to improve their knowledge of tactics and strategy on the battlefield.
  5. Brushing your horse who served you so amazingly well in the last battle. The poor animal worked up quite a lather and your minion will be washing, brushing, and tending the beast’s needs for quite a while.
  6. Finding food suitable for the mighty steed of a warrior of your importance. No unclean water, peasant hay, or simple carrots will do. The rituals must be followed to ensure that the steed consumes only purified fuel for the fight.
  7. Cleaning your campsite, ensuring that everything is in its proper place and there are no obvious inconsistencies with the way you willed them to be done.
  8. Delivering a message on your behalf, ensuring that your allies and your enemies are informed of your decisions and challenges to prepare accordingly.
  9. Fetching water to replenish your supply. Special rituals must be followed to the letter to ensure that it is free of contaminants and untouched by Evil.
  10. Seeking replacements for equipment damaged or lost in your last battle with the forces of Evil. Your stock of ammunition was depleted and your good dagger was broken during combat.
  11. Guarding a prisoner taken during the battle. Not all your foes must perish immediately – some can be useful sources of information.
  12. Asking questions on your behalf and scouting the site of your next possible battle with Evil to get you the information you need to succeed in your mission.

There will be more coming about the Holy Knight, so stay tuned! In the meantime, be sure to check out the rest of the Mazes & Perils goodies we have for you!

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