What’s in the Hole? 16 things to ponder

Though the “What’s in the Hole?” blog carnival is coming to an end in a few days, I wanted to toss one more article into the pot before I sum it all up next week… (By the way, there have been some FANTASTIC submissions, so keep ’em coming! I’m out of town over the weekend but will approve any comments when I get back.)

Since I already looked at the size of the hole and what might be inside, this time I wanted to focus on a hole that was covered up. How was it covered? Why was it covered? These are also great questions to prompt some interesting storytelling.

work signSo here are a couple of tables:

Ten Ways Someone Filled a Hole

  1. Dirt
  2. Plaster
  3. Small rocks
  4. Single stone
  5. Boards
  6. Concrete
  7. Water
  8. Spikes
  9. Creature(s)
  10. Magic

Six Reasons Someone Filled a Hole

  1. Hide something
  2. Bury something
  3. Construction
  4. Repair
  5. Keep something in
  6. Keep something out


And here are a few examples:

  • (Boards/Hide Something) The old house had stood empty for years waiting for its next occupant to walk in the door. When Dan found it online, he bought after only having seen pictures to start restoring the home to its former glory and as a general contractor he was well equipped to do most of the work himself. Built before the Civil War, there was plenty of history to research, but first he had to make it livable. As he discovered, that was a tough task. Water damage, pests, and the ravages of time would take a while to undo. But when he was repairing the walls in the servant’s room on the first floor, he found something odd: an indoor window that had been boarded up and covered with drywall. The bulge attracted his attention, but it was what he revealed inside that inner room that made him wonder what kind of hell lived here long ago. Inside was a tiny room with an ancient metal chair. Strapped to it was the remains of some poor soul. He hoped it was the cold seeping in from outside that made the temperature drop when he broke the window to get inside…
  • (Plaster/Repair) The inner wall of the room was recently painted and though they are nearly invisible, you can feel where a number of small holes have been plastered over. Digging through the plaster and using a swab from your crime scene kit, you are able to test for blood and gunpowder residue. You find gunpowder residue in each hole, though no shells are recovered. And you find signs of human blood in many. Someone was gunned down along this wall. Hopefully DNA will reveal the victim.
  • (Water/Bury Something) As you’ve descended into the catacombs, there has been very little moisture in the air. These dry, dusty halls have gone unexplored for many years, possibly centuries. But as you descend a particular set of stairs, a palpable humidity fills the air. These stairs are older than the rest and lead to a small room with a raised platform at the center and sconces placed along each wall. In the center of the platform is a roughly circular cover. Though you’re not entirely sure, you suspect there’s water beneath it. Even as you use your tools and strength to leverage the cover out of the hole, you feel something begin pounding on it from beneath as though it is trying to get out…

A huge thank you to everyone who has entered the blog carnival this month. It’s been a ton of fun!


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