Twenty-five Things in the Blacksmith’s Shop

Have you ever wondered at some of the strange and wondrous items you might find at a blacksmith’s shop? Sure, you’ll find an anvil, some tools, and weapons or armor – but what else?

Here’s a few things…

  1. BlacksmithNails
  2. Rivets
  3. Pans
  4. Cauldrons
  5. Knife
  6. Padlocks
  7. Horseshoes
  8. Chisels
  9. Anvil
  10. Gate
  11. Keys
  12. Chains
  13. Hammers
  14. Rasps (Coarse metal files with a roughened surface for scraping, filing, or rubbing down objects of metal, wood, or other hard material)
  15. Files
  16. Pincers
  17. Tongs
  18. Jigs (templates or guides for making other tools)
  19. Helmets
  20. Gauntlets
  21. Mace
  22. Punch
  23. Swages (decorative forms)
  24. Fullers (used to put grooves in swords and knives)
  25. Sledge Hammer

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