Twelve Offerings to the Gods Guaranteed to Gain Favor

Occasionally we consider making offerings to the gods. Perhaps we as players seek to appease the gods of die rolling. Perhaps our characters seek to gain favor for some upcoming adventure. Perhaps an evil NPC seeks fiery vengeance upon his (or her) enemies.

These offerings are only heard occasionally by the forces in question… when the gods’ whims are aligned with ours or the wind carries our requests to the heavens (or hells). But sometimes we don’t know quite what to sacrifice to gain favor.

Disclaimer: Obviously I don’t recommend any of these as anything more than story starters, so don’t go slaying anything to offer to the gods on their behalf in the real world please!!!

Here are twelve different ideas for offerings to gain the attention of your desired deities. (Want to randomize it? Roll a d12!)

  1. Libations – dump on the ground, offer in a container, pour into a flame- examples: Wine, milk, honey, oil, cider, juice, beer –
  2. Flowers or herbs – either single, gathered in bunches, or just petals – examples: apple blossoms, roses, sage, rosemary, thyme, sandalwood, bay, mint, catnip, sweetgrass, laurel, olive branches
  3. Lighting a flame – color of the flame may be important – examples: candles, oil lamps, bowls of oil
  4. Incense – for their aromas or the smoke created – examples: Frankincense, gum ammoniac, manna, storax, myrrh, cedar
  5. Words (written) – write a message or poem on paper and light it on fire
  6. Words (spoken) – examples: poems, prayers
  7. Words (sung) – examples: song, chant
  8. Food – examples: fruit, grain, honey, milk, cakes, cookies, beef, fowl, fish
  9. Sacrifices (blood) – examples: a small cut in a finger or palm to add a few drops to a flame
  10. Coin – example: offering a sum of money in a jar when good luck is had
  11. Movement – examples: a passionate dance or run to exhaustion
  12. Votive – a gift to the gods – examples: a small sculpture, ceramic, bronze work

That should offer more than a few ideas for your games and a ton of inspiration for your next cleric or priestly character, whether for good or evil!

Would you be interested in a whole product offering ideas for sacrifices to the gods? Let me know!

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