Trailer Tuesday: UNKNOWN (2019)

It’s rare that I stumble upon a trailer video in YouTube and can’t find anything about the film on IMDb, but I found one. UNKNOWN seems to truly be unknown!

The video describes the summary as:

IMDb has the summary as:

” In the year 2247 a group of 18 astronauts and 300 special forces soldiers are sent to investigate and salvage the long lost starship “Groom Lake”. The ship with 24000 of crew and 4000000 US Marines disappeared mysteriously 7 years before on its maiden voyage after meeting huge UNKNOWN space ship bigger than our solar system and with its return comes even more mystery as the crew of the “Shadow” discover the real truth behind its disappearance and something even more terrifying. “

Nothing I like more than mysterious disappearances to fuel a plot!  

Not much to go on…

I took a few notes while watching the trailer and am still unsure what the film is about but it has a TON of cool ideas to mine for A&A…

  • Satellite system that probes ships or other objects coming into the system — this is very cool
  • Seems they are sending a probe through space to investigate the object, which is HUGE
  • The drone docks with the huge object and it turns out to be the Groom Lake Research Facility — and a creepy recording says “We know you will enjoy your stay.

So what would I do with that?

“Ship Goes Out, Disappears, Comes Back with Secret”

The summary would be…

In the “space between,” one of the many deep space probes the Dominion repeatedly sends to explore the gap found an object larger than anything previously recorded. Data sent back was open to interpretation. Some thought it was a rogue planet. Some believed it was a planet-sized spacecraft. Others believed it was somewhere in-between.

The DSS Shadow left with a crew of 12 experienced space marines three decades ago and we lost all contact. The beacon of the Shadow has been detected on the edge of the Sol system but has not responded to any hails.

We need your team to go investigate the situation. Determine what we’re dealing with and make a judgment call. Destroy it if you must, but it cannot be allowed to make it to the inner planets — and it is on a collision course with Earth.

The DSS Obscura is equipped with all the latest bells and whistles, from sensors and shields, to gravity weapons and missiles. Your team has been equipped with the latest armor and handheld weapons and tools and been subjected to the unknown many times on other missions.

The failsafe, as always, is to let the weapons in the Field destroy it should it get that close. The debris can be inspected at that point and nobody needs to be hurt. But there are questions to be answered. Why is the Shadow’s transponder sending a signal from this massive object? What has it been doing since it left Dominion space? Can you get some answers to give the families of those originally sent after all this time?

When the team arrives, they are easily able to locate the Shadow from its signal. They find it intact and functioning, with no hands aboard. The last recording in the ship’s databanks is of the team entering a facility they docked with directly below their ship…

“Colonel, I’m getting strange energy signals ahead. Unknown origin, but definitely right in our path ahead.”

“Harmful? Not harmful?”

“Unknown, sir. But we’re heading straight for them…”

And then nothing. Darkness. Static. It is time stamped exactly 30 years ago today. The ship has been waiting for their return ever since and based on ship logs, that never occurred.

If the crew of the Obscura follows suit, they will be attacked by creatures of pure energy that are unable to penetrate the new generation of armored suits. Instead, these creatures appear as flowing darkness unless viewed in the ultraviolet spectrum — as clouds of pure energy.

When they discover that they can’t get into the suits, they will begin affecting the environment — using psycho-kinetic energies to begin to wear down the suits a point at a time.

If the party gets all the way to a stairwell at the end of a 200m hallway, they find the crew of the Shadow decimated from inside their suits.

Do they destroy the vessel these energy creatures are trapped within? Do they try to communicate? Do they flee and tell their superiors to nuke it much sooner than when it’s destined to reach the Field?

  • Aangren Cloud (High-Level) – Attribute 12, Traits: Pure Energy (10m speed in any direction), AR (Special) (Immune to all physical attacks): Energy Drain (d3 HP damage, Save vs. Toughness or lose 1 Toughness), Memory Bombardment (Save vs. Morale or lose d3 Morale due to horrific memories of the Shadow crew and others such as the Gollus who have encountered this giant rogue world)
    • Aangren start in a weakened state (d3 damages) but once have absorbed 2 Toughness begin doing d6 damages as they have a taste for their new available meals
    • If the PCs begin attacking with various energy types, they are affected by magnetic or gravity waves and can be captured inside containers made of the same material the hallways inside the planetary facility are made of.

There are d6 Aangren on board (unless the Referee applies one or more Dread to increase the number by d6 for each point applied).

Once they get a taste of the PCs, they will attack with gusto. As soon as any of the PC’s armor is dropped to zero through the direct application of throwing improvised weapons (i.e. debris of any kind, including pieces of the crew of the Shadow and their armor), they can begin to affect the PCs directly.

Looking for more creatures for your Aliens & Asteroids campaign? Check out the rest of the articles about the system! What other movie trailers would you like to see explored in this manner? Leave a comment below or drop me a message via e-mail or on social media!

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