Trade in Aliens & Asteroids: Information

I saved “Information” as the last article in this series on trade in the Aliens & Asteroids universe. Why? Because it’s the most ubiquitous element anywhere.

Knowledge is Power

It’s such a simple concept. Known vs. Unknown. So long as we have had knowledge, we have wanted to control it. If I know something you don’t know, I can leverage that in many ways, but at the very least I can trade it for goods or money.

Corporations will pay big money for information. Call it corporate espionage, if you will, but there is always a market for the right bits of information and it’s not always about being first to market. Sometimes it’s simply about keeping information from your competitors and the public. What they don’t know, can’t hurt you, right?

Imagine what happens when alien data and technology comes into the picture. It’s not just about weapons and tools, but about how to reproduce it and make use of that information.

At that point, there are a ton of options for the enterprising scavenger willing to take a bit of risk.

The Grey Gold Mine

If you want a source of information that’s largely untapped and right in the Dominion’s back yard, it’s the Grey Men. They’ve been around for centuries, harassing the human race in many ways, but always had the edge on us technology-wise. Somehow, their methods of data obfuscation have eluded Dominion techs and their data remains a mystery to us.

Should someone finally break through their encryption and find our way into the depths of their data, there will be immense leaps to be made quickly. Our historians and scientists suspect that the Greys have a wealth of information not just about their own race, but from their research into human physiology as well. They have been keeping themselves alive for centuries using harvested human organs and flesh. It is impossible to think that they would know more about our own biology and genetic makeup than we do after our own centuries of scientific advancement.

Every scavenger who finds Grey data may hold the key to unlocking an impossible amount of data.

The Gollus

And beyond the Greys, there are the Gollus. Sure, the Skaali may be sitting in our back yard on Venus, but they will eventually come around and share their technology and experience with us. It’s in their best interest in the long run. The Gollus? There seems to be no logical reason for them to do so.

Our scientists believe that the Gollus hold secrets to unlocking gravity, intergalactic travel, and more. They are suspected to be one of the oldest races in our corner of the galaxy and at the very least, they have knowledge of worlds and species well beyond what we have yet to encounter.

Since the Gollus were revealed through their negotiation with Cydyne’s android workforce on the BANCE Gates, our diplomatic corps has wondered how to to find an “in.” And so far, the Gollus are a mystery.

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