Throwing Some Pots…

If you’re looking at that post title and wondering what the heck I’m talking about, don’t worry – I’ll explain.

johnny-automatic-potteryWhile working on finishing up a crossover project where I used Insta-NPCS #10: Caveat Emptor to detail the Medieval Market from DramaScape (check out the series of posts I did a few weeks ago), I came across a strange idea. Gauwis the Potter is selling nearly one hundred different pieces of pottery in the market: flower pots, cooking pots, spouted pitchers, bowls, cups, plates, and more. Why not give some of those pieces a bit of personality? A unique touch?
That led to this collection of tables…

Pottery Tables

Shape (d6)

  1. Tall/skinny

  2. Tall/Wide

  3. Low/Skinny

  4. Low/Wide

  5. Flat

  6. Unusual

Use (d8)

  1. Kitchen

  2. Bathroom

  3. Temple

  4. Garden

  5. Graveyard

  6. Workshop

  7. Studio

  8. Dining

Decorations (d6)

  1. Plain

  2. Plain

  3. Solid color

  4. Artistic flair

  5. Religious iconography

  6. Personalized

Imperfections (d8)

  1. None

  2. None

  3. None

  4. None

  5. Color

  6. Shape

  7. Design

  8. Material

Accessories (d4)

  1. Nothing

  2. Nothing

  3. Lidded

  4. Handled

Some Examples…

Which for Gauwis, who was selling a few odd pieces (handmade art always has some unique outliers), might have offered these pieces:

  • johnny-automatic-pitcher(Low/Skinny, Dining, Plain, Shape, Nothing) “Oh, that cup? It tilted on the wheel slightly as it was being formed and the gentle fold at the lip was too perfect a flaw to adjust. I think it would be a perfect cup for a child, offering almost a spout to ensure an even pour into the mouth…”
  • (Flat, Dining, Personalized, Design, Nothing) “Ah yes, that set of plates was made as a custom order for one of the local noble houses. They’re perfect in every way but apparently the shade of blue wasn’t what the Lady was expecting and she declined delivery or payment. As such, you can own the same dishes used in the house of your local lord or buy them to exact your revenge for that latest round of taxes…”
  • (Unusual, Garden, Solid color, Shape, Nothing) “You have a good eye! That one was a one-off project I worked on to see if I could make a flower pot curve like a screw from bottom to top. It worked beautifully, but my wife thought it too odd to keep at home. I finished it with a beautiful daffodil color and gave it a few coats of glaze to ensure it will repel the rain for many years…”
  • (Tall/wide, Garden, Religious iconography, None, Handled) “That’s a unique piece. Inspired by a dream I had of the goddess, it turned out beautifully. A bit large, but it might work as a raincatcher in the garden to help give watery blessings to the rest of your plants…”

This could be useful in inspiring archaeological digs where pieces of pottery are found and may have been used for burials, food preparation, decoration, or anything else. Or just as I’ve done above to offer a bit of flair if your PCs are shopping in the market and have their interest piqued.

Hopefully it’s useful to someone! Let me know if you find a place to put it into practice!

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