Three Wee Beasties

While doing some free writing last week, I came up with these three wee beasties. Would you like to know more?

  • (Tiny/Feathers/Water/Active/Active/Aggressive) The banderkeet is a flightless bird who hunt along the coast. These unassuming birds will attack and take down much larger prey. Short lifespans lead them to take great risks to feed their offspring and stay alive.

  • (Small/Scales/Air/Passive/Passive/Passive) At high altitudes, the skyships have seen flocks of small, thin scaled creatures that live their entire adult lives aloft. These peaceful sky wyrms stay in the air chasing the currents until it’s spawning season when they land on the highest peaks, lay their eggs, and die much the same as salmon spawning upstream each year. When the eggs hatch, the wyrm fly on any breeze to get them moving and repeat the cycle once again. There are rumors of large beasts, basically baloons, that follow the great flocks of wyrm and consume them en masse. But few have heard of these critters, let alone seen them in the wild.
  • (Medium/Fur/Earth/Active/Passive/Pensive) The dirty Placka¬†finds its home in deep dens, hunting small critters and birds in its perceived territory. Unless threatened, the Placka stays quiet, watching, waiting to see what any invader may do. If its young are endangered however, all bets are off and you best be on your way…

I wonder what else we might find in our travels?

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