Things that go creep in the night!

How many people do adventures that involve creepers? This clip from a session goes with the RPG Blog Carnival topic this month about things that are hidden and in the dark. This article fits the theme and has a bit of humour involved.

I decided that I would use another unique creature, which is actually quite common for me to keep my players on their toes. This time I chose to use a Nocturnal Strangler. There had been fog that morning that lasted until noon here and I remembered that these creatures are easier to see in fog, which would give the party an advantage to fighting it. I figured out a plan for one of the encounters during this session.

Night terrors were to be unleashed on the party. Descriptive encounters would only heighten the tensions on this encounter.

[GM Notes will be in brackets like this]

Everyone needs a rest

After a long three days of charging forward, everyone decided to get some rest. Watches were set and everyone got something to eat. There was a lot of banter but everyone was tired and exhaustion had set in.

All someone has to do is be awake

Luther, Lear, Freeia, Connell, Seeger, Slater, Turok, and Ludik all felt a chill during the night but no one was hurt. Everyone was now freaked out as they all felt the chill and were suspicious something did happen and not just a figment of their imaginations. They found footprints in the spilled salt from supper and are utterly convinced now that something happened.

[Slater nodded off for a bit during his watch when the creature discovered the party, which humourously enough saved him from being attacked. Talon (Slater) does not know this though.]

The footprint does not match any of their prints because they are as bigger than a Gr’s [Ogre] footprint. Many are concerned that something was there and maybe something scared it off at the right time. Then they were concerned that there might be something else yet out there. Freeia thought Connell was acting funny and that he might even have pulled a prank because he had not done any shows lately. Freeia accused Connell of pulling a prank on them all. Connell swore he did not do it though. The fog in the morning did not help with the Companions concerns. Tensions were high.

Fog has set in and they can’t go anywhere

All day the fog stopped them in their tracks and everyone was antsy and frustrated. No one could go anywhere. No one wanted to rest and yet no one wanted to stay awake either. Tensions are sky high and the night had not even started. The party spread salt and sugar around the sleeping area and wasted all their supplies.

Time for someone to be visited again

The party slept or was on watch uncomfortably. Slater drank on his watch as he thought that this was a prank by Connell or was the other party members just being paranoid and ends up falling asleep. Freeia woke up curious if it was her watch yet or not. She saw Slater asleep and then smelled a pungent sulphurous smell. She saw some footprints, heard some heavy breathing, and then before she could shout anything – she was being strangled. She got a kick in on Slater (she rolled an 18) as she was being raised up off of the ground. Slater woke up and shouted to get everyone up before he fell over to another kick in the head from Freeia (she rolled a 1) that went right through the creature. Some see the Nocturnal Strangler right away. [Some players listened closely to the description I painted and “saw” the creature. Those that did not had it pointed out by the others that were listening.] Everyone saw a form in the fog and Freeia being strangled over head height. They felt helpless. A row ensued. No one knew what the creature was or how to even hurt it. Seeger and Ludic attempted to turn undead, but it appears to fail as the Nocturnal Strangler is still there. Everyone else attacked the form in the fog not sure if they were even hitting it. Shortly before Freeia is about to die, they finally hit the creature enough, and do enough damage to the creature. The creature disappeared [died] and Freeia dropped like a lump to the ground.

Seeger and Ludik checked Freeia out while they healed her. Freeia kicked Slater after she was able to move, even though her throat and body hurt immensely. Her foot hurt even more after the kick [she rolled a 1]. Everyone else grabbed another log and threw their log on the fire in case the creature was still around. Freeia gave Slater a very dirty look. Everyone was restless, but no one resisted sleep that night. Thankfully, no more random encounters or attacks happened throughout the night though.

Final Thoughts

The idea was to bring in a new creature and go with the theme of what will make it somewhat easier to defeat the creature while their minds would let the descriptions create a lot of terror. The Nocturnal Strangler fit as we were having fogs at that time of year and I use whatever weather is going on at the time. The area they are in is based somewhat on the geolocation of Earth where we live.

I got the Nocturnal Strangler from the Talislanta RPG if anyone wants to find it. Or you can contact me and I will give the information needed to you.

Clear skies fellow GM’s and players – until next time!

Keith R. Byers, A.Sc.T., Esq.

Your turn…

What do YOU have lurking in the dark? Let’s shed a little light this month, shall we? Please leave a link, and perhaps a brief introduction, for your submission for the March Carnival in the comments below. Looking forward to seeing what folks can come up with! (The kickoff post was here.)

A big thanks goes out to Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips for hosting the RPG Blog Carnival Archive and keeping us all on track every month!

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2 thoughts on “Things that go creep in the night!”

  1. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for sharing. I liked the way you mixed narrative with GM commentary. The Nocturnal Strangler is an interesting creature, but it was your delivery which really made the article interesting.

    More please.

  2. The Night Steangler is indeed an Interesting, yet effective creature with which to introduce an element of horror to a session. As always, the party should never feel entirely safe – even less so in the wild; there is a wide world out there just ready to devour the hapless or self destructive party. It sounds as if everyone played true to character though, even when it means they get there teeth returned to them by a less 5han congenial medieval post. Increasing tension at the table, when accomplished through descriptive storytelling and the chilling touch of horror, is a very effective method for rapidly increasing party unity and cooperation. This then results in a vastly more satisfying adventure/campaign/evening than would be possible otherwise, as PCs are promptly propelled into peril and required to interact in order to achieve their perceived safety – the illusion is then a compelling short term goal.

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