Things in the Dark Wrap-up – March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival

We kicked things off back on March 1st with a simple call for the RPG Blog Carnival, inviting the community to write about the “things” lurking in the dark. Maybe a creature. Maybe an encounter. Maybe an item. But whatever it was, shed a little light on it and share it with the world.

After a great month of exploring those things in the dark, I think it’s time to drag all of these great posts into the light.




  • You can’t talk about the darkness without talking a bit about light sources, which we covered in a post here.
  • Over at Leicester’s Ramble, V.A. has taken some real-world lighting options and created some awesome magical (and non-magical) items to aid those explorations in the dark. Some very cool lanterns that every PC should be clamoring for very soon!



Thanks for all the amazing contributions to the carnival. Great ideas to mine for many adventures to come!

April brings with it an exploration of Megadungeons by Johnn Four at Roleplaying Tips, so I look forward to getting lost in a few posts this month!

And a big thanks goes out to Johnn for hosting the RPG Blog Carnival Archive and keeping us all on track every month!

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6 thoughts on “Things in the Dark Wrap-up – March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival”

  1. Hi Fitz,

    Excellent range of articles. Thanks for hosting such a great topic.

    So far, none of the Players have mentioned the River Ogre, so maybe they do not read my blog after all.

    All the best

    1. MoebiusAdventures

      Thanks Phil! We ended up with quite a wide range, so I was definitely happy with the result! As for your River Ogre, perhaps it’s time for the legends to be whispered a bit more loudly in the shadows. 🙂

  2. I’ve spent the last few months redesigning my site, so while I wrote my entry back in March, I was only able to make it live recently. For my entry, I went in a totally different direction, which was gaming in the dark: (or at least low-light conditions)

    Games by Candlelight

    My family and I spend a good deal of time camping or staying in rustic (read: no power) cabins, so it’s a topic that’s near to our hearts (and eyes).

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