Things in the Dark: Void Cubes

Sometimes the dark hides things so well that we can’t see them at all. We all know that some things hide in the shadows, but what hides behind the shadows?

A while back I came up with the idea for a Void Cube. Imagine something along the lines of a Gelatinous Cube but made of darkness, sucking items and creatures it encounters into a realm of void like some sort of portable black hole.


The wizard Vrennet, in his self-imposed banishment to the darkness of the deep warrens, was experimenting with opening doorways into other dimensions. He, like many wizards, employed a Gelatinous Cube to clean up the debris and detritus left in some of the less traveled parts of his new home and it, ever vigilant in its task, stumbled into one of the experiments he left running: a pinhole into the Void. He was testing the duration of the spell and for some reason the cube absorbed the pinhole itself.

The next day when the wizard checked on his experiment, he couldn’t find where he’d left it. Over the next few days he became lost several times in his own home as corridors gained newfound dead ends and he wandered the halls trying to find his way. When he determined what was going on, he began documenting what he called the “Void Cube.”

Apparently when the Gelatinous Cube absorbed the rare magical matter surrounding the pinhole to Void, the strange biology of the cube reversed the flow and Void itself began to fill the inside of the cube. Now a cube of pure black nothingness, it continued its mindless journey through the halls cleaning as it went. But instead of digesting whatever it found, the items were drawn into the dimension of Void. The entire cube became a self-contained entryway to another dimension. A one-way entry.

Thankfully not many of these creatures exist, but it is thought that a few of Vrennet’s apprentices have learned the knack for creating them and have duplicated the feat.


  • Move: 60’/turn
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Hit Dice: 6
  • Attacks: 1 touch
  • Armor Class: 8
  • Damage: 2d6
    Treasure Type: Variable

A giant cube of gelatinous darkness, 10ft high and 10ft wide, that spends its existence moving through hallways and leaving a clean path behind. Items consumed are transported into the inky realm of Void, an extradimensional space some believe to be the elemental opposite to a dimensional plane of Light. None who have been consumed by such a creature have returned to tell what’s on the other side. If a living creature comes in contact with the cube, they must make a Save vs. Paralysis or be paralyzed taking 2d6 damage each round until the cube absorbs all of the creature. Once that happens, the creature and all its possessions are gone.

These cubes reflect no light of any kind and can seemingly make corridors simply end abruptly. If they didn’t move, you would have no way of knowing they were there until you stumbled into them.

Your turn…

What do YOU have lurking in the dark? Let’s shed a little light this month, shall we? Please leave a link, and perhaps a brief introduction, for your submission for the March Carnival in the comments on the kickoff post. Looking forward to seeing what folks can come up with! (The kickoff post was here.)

A big thanks goes out to Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips for hosting the RPG Blog Carnival Archive and keeping us all on track every month!

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