They Came from the Lake, An Introduction

Welcome to the fishing village of Nifton’s Inlet on Lake Feann where the Stors and the Adut rivers end. The strange lake with areas of fresh and salt water is known for its depth and amazing array of fish. It has long been suspected that it connects to the Tethys Ocean somewhere deep below, but none have been able to swim deep enough to test that theory. The same tides that affect the ocean miles away affect the lake, making the water rise and fall in a predictable pattern with the moon. The locals call these “swells” instead of tides, as there is nowhere for the water to go but up and down instead of in and out.

Vector black and white image of the Sea King (Dollar Photo Club)

Vector black and white image of the Sea King (Dollar Photo Club)

For generations, Nifton’s Inlet has been a quiet, sleepy little place to live. Many families have worked the lake, harvesting a rich bounty of fish year after year and supplying nearby towns with much needed food. But the village harbors a dark secret. Every hundredth swell comes with an evil purpose. And each time, the village returns to normal when it’s done accepting the loss like nothing ever happened.

Tonight is the night. But this time, there are strangers afoot who may foul up the villagers’ prosperity…

The heroes have come to Nifton’s Inlet after a long journey, finding a comfortable place to spend the night. The village consists of an inn (The Lakeshore), a tavern (Two Cuppa), a bait shop, a fish market, a boat repair shop, and three docks crowded with small fishing vessels waiting for the wee hours of morning.

After paying for rooms at the Lakeshore after a day or two on the open road, the group has headed to the Two Cuppa for a bowl or two of rich chowder and a pint or two of ale or cider, they decide to turn in for the night. But on their way from the tavern to the inn, they hear a piercing scream coming from near the docks…


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