The Village of Nubonne is Besieged by Bandits and Beasts!

On the contested border between two fractured nations exists the good people of the village of Nubonne. They are beset on all sides by bandits and monsters, taking terrible losses with no way to properly defend themselves and no one to stand up for them. Are your heroes brave enough to take on the challenge?

The BrigadeMnP - The Brigade cover is a short adventure designed for 4-6 Mazes & Perils characters of 1st or 2nd level, but it can easily be adjusted for use with any edition of your favorite fantasy RPG. It includes new monsters, a whole village to explore, and some new challenges for your PCs to face!

Check it out at the following stores:

This is the first adventure for M&P and definitely not the last. The next one is just around the corner in a couple of weeks!

Be sure to check back for more Mazes & Perils goodies over the next few weeks!

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