The Vile Witch is Out!

When I started working on Mazes & Perils with Vince last year, he mentioned that he had some new classes he wanted to include. We added the Enchanter and the Shaman to the mix, which offers a different spin on your average Magic-User and Cleric. But I had no idea he had such devious ideas in store for new classes… The Vile Witch is a nasty piece of work and one that would be fantastic to add to your M&P campaign!

Mazes & Perils Vile Witch cover mediumThe Vile Witch (or Warlock, if you prefer) is at home in the garbage. She’s coming for you, out of the darkness. She’s full of bile, pus, and spite… Plus she reeks of the sewers, dung heaps, and garbage that has been the product of the civilized world for generations. Are you ready for her? She’s ready to give you a kiss! (I recommend that if she gives you a kiss you head to your nearest healer right away…)

She is a nasty creature… part spellcaster, part disease vector, and 100% trouble for whoever runs across her.

In this supplement, you get new abilities, nearly 20 new spells, and a class you can play as a PC or a NPC. But Vince didn’t JUST create a nasty character for your campaign… he also added a new option for your good old Magic-User! You’ve always wanted a Familiar for your wizard, haven’t you? Well, we’ve added some new rules for that!

This foul beauty is available at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, the Open Gaming Store, and Tabletop Library so get her while she’s hot!

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