The Strength of Banter

Words. They can make or break a character. They can define or destroy relationships. They can set the tone for the most innocuous-sounding encounter that blows up to something enormous.

Without them, I’ve never seen a gaming group succeed. With them, I’ve seen gaming groups last for years and offer fodder for decades of reminiscing.

But it comes down to the banter. Movie quotes. Bad puns. Memories from characters and campaigns long past. Song lyrics. Memes. Awful jokes. It doesn’t matter what those words are, only that they are shared among friends.

Banter bridges chasms that may exist in real life between players. It’s the glue that holds a group together. A shared language completely organic and unique to a particular group.

I was reminded of this tonight as I watched a chat between players who have never even met to play once. Some of them have never even played D&D or other roleplaying games. And yet, there was a connection formed and a repartee that made me smile.

With a few words and animated GIFs, I saw relationships form and legends begin. Will those relationships last? Only time will tell. We haven’t even met for the first session yet!

This new group will begin exploring the seedy underworld beneath the City-State of Zhilin. We were hoping to get together this week but scheduling has been a challenge and we’ve pushed off the first session to next week.

As a new group, I was a little worried about player chemistry.

Not any more. 🙂

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