The Purple Lotus is in the Wild!

That’s right… The third of the Lost Age Adventures has finally been released into the wild. And this one is definitely wild and a bit frozen!

the-purple-lotus-cover-smallFrom the mind of designer Vince Florio (Wild Games Productions) comes The Purple Lotus – a story rooted in the cold ground of the Frozen North. When the PCs are thrust into a woolly world of blizzards, raiders, and a brother seeking revenge, will they find friendly people in the walled village of Vanguard? Or will they get the cold shoulder?

This book has taken a while to release because we wanted to do it right. The first two were in digest form and this one is in a full 8.5 x 11″ two-column format with plenty of art, a few maps, and even a few new monsters. Once again, we’ve designed the module with Swords & Wizardry White Box in mind – but like most OSR adventures, this one can easily be converted to use with your favorite fantasy system.

I have to say this is the prettiest book we’ve had in years at Moebius Adventures, with a color cover and several pieces of art commissioned specifically for the book. I was honored to work with Peter Saga (who did some fantastic landscape pieces), Jason “Banditt” Adams (who brought a monster to life), and my own daughter Mickey (she did the lovely lotus on the cover as well as another piece) for this book and I think it looks fantastic to help tell Vince’s story.

Here are some examples:

In addition to the format change, we’re also working on a print-on-demand version available at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. This will be our first softcover book since 2007, so we’re trying to get things right. Bear with us as we work out any kinks we uncover along the way. But if you purchase the PDF now and want the printed copy later we’ll offer you a discount to help offset the costs.

Today it’s available at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and other OneBookShelf stores, plus my Selz store as well as the d20pfsrd and Paizo stores as well. (Updated: Available at all stores now!)

Thanks for being Moebius Adventures fans and we hope you enjoy The Purple Lotus!


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