Updated! The Next “Morning Loop” VLOG Recording is Tomorrow!

Here’s a surprise… I’m scheduling one of these out more than 24 hours ahead of time! *gasp*

Here’s the link to the Google+ Hangout OnAir that I’ve set up for 1pm 1:30pm Mountain Time (Colorado time) tomorrow, Friday September 11, 2015. (Sorry, had to push +30 minutes to account for a scheduling conflict.)


Question MarksI am looking for some feedback on what you folks would like to see next from Moebius. There are quite a few possibilities, including:

  • Revenge of the Serpent Queen – the next Lost Age Adventure
  • More Insta-NPCs products (I’m thinking one about Performers could be next)
  • A “Big Book” of Insta-NPCs that brings everything together we’ve done so far in one big book (we’re talking somewhere around 100 pages and available as a softcover)
  • A new series of products focusing on item creation for PCs and NPCs – allowing players to “pimp out” their stuff with neat descriptions that goes beyond “+1 longsword” or “sword of my ancestors”
  • More Little Spaces and Open Spaces products (I have a long list to explore)
  • More One Spot locations

So many options, so little time. Plus I have a project in the works with Vince Florio I can’t talk about yet and a few other irons in the fire to explore.

Ultimately I’m looking for guidance from you! What do you want to see? Anything I haven’t mentioned you’d like me to try? Or more of the same?

What products would make your lives easier if you only had a random generator for them?

Thanks and I hope to see you there! If you can’t attend, feel free to send me a note via the Contact page or leave a comment below!

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