The Morning Loop – AetherCon Edition

Morning folks!

Though I’ve been doing a Friday video for a few weeks now, I’m looking a little rough this morning (rougher than usual) and am just going to write out what I would say anyway.

aethercon_logo_2014-250Tomorrow I’m helping out with AetherCon. I think I’ve mentioned that every week for a while now. But apparently I’m helping out with a few more things over the course of the day. The three I’m most excited about are:

  • 4:00p to 4:55p EST (2p-2:55p MST) – Moebius Adventures Q&A
  • 6:00p to 7:25p EST (4p-5:25p MST) – Villainy: The Fine Art of Moustache Twisting
  • 7:30p to 8:55p EST (5:30p-6:55p MST) – Non-Monster Monsters: The Adversarial Environment

The Q&A will be fun – and moderated by Steve Russell of Rite Publishing, which will be awesome. Our friend and freelancer George Fields will also be joining us, so hopefully we can chat for a bit, enjoy ourselves, and maybe reveal some cool new announcement. 🙂

Even more exciting (the geek in me is bubbling over), I get to moderate two cool panels with some folks I admire in the RPG industry…

Villainy: The Fine Art of Moustache Twisting

I get to chat with Mark Jones (United Sight Studios), Jason Bulmahn (Paizo Publishing), and Stephen Chenault (Troll Lord Games).

Read a bit more here.

Non-Monster Monsters: The Adversarial Environment

With this one I get to chat with Tim Kask (Eldritch Enterprises, Gygax Magazine), Oliver Shead (Immersion Studios), and Rich Baker (Sasquatch Game Studios).

Read a bit more here.


I’m bubbling over with excitement for the day. The early part of the day it looks like I’m helping moderate a few other Q&As as well, so it should be a fun time.

The other Q&As may include:

  • Noon to 12:55p EST (10a-10:55a MST) – Rite Publishing Q&A
  • 1:00p to 1:55p EST (11a-11:55a MST) – Hunters Books Q&A
  • 2:00p to 2:55p EST (Noon-12:55p MST) – Post World Games Q&A

You ARE planning on stopping by, right? I mean… Stay in your PJs and sign onto the site! What’s stopping you?!

AetherCon starts today and runs through Sunday night, so there’s TONS to look forward to. Enjoy yourselves! Though I’m only participating on Saturday this year, I know I will!

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