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Crazy news! We finally started a Moebius Adventures podcast! And for the time being we will be using it to share the madcap antics of our Tattered Magicks playtest group!

You can find it here at The Loop from Moebius Adventures

Episodes are available at, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, and RadioPublic and it appears that it may eventually be available on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher as well.

So far we only have two episodes:

  • Season 1, Episode 0: Let’s Get This Thing Started!
  • Season 1, Episode 1: Getting to Know the Characters!

Though we may have other special episodes, for now we’re going to focus on the Tattered Magicks game we’ve been running for a few months at our FLGS — Petrie’s Family Games!

The hope is to post new episodes every Wednesday!

If you don’t know about Tattered Magicks, it’s our upcoming urban fantasy game based on the same system we used for Aliens & Asteroids. The only difference? Magick, of course!

We have a fantastic group of players:

  • Dan plays grumpy old priest Jon Calvin with a bit of a dark past
  • Kae plays Brooke Page, former child TV star turned B-movie martial arts actress
  • KB plays Talon Wick, aka “Jacob”, a mysterious loner with a gift for seeing the future and the past
  • Robert plays Alvin Lopez, rugged survivor and witch hunter
  • Shannon plays Ryder Harlow, a perky young ghost hunter with a hunger for adventure
  • And Victoria plays Diana Pitt, our newest character who is a tattoo artist trying to resurrect her dead son

We started playing with Kae, Shannon, KB, and Dan back in September when they came to the fictional town of Plunkett, Wyoming, hot on the heels of a call-for-aid from the Wyoming Supernatural Organization. There was higher than usual ghost activity in town and they needed folks to investigate!

Our team answered the call and discovered that the ghosts were stirred up due to an incursion of faerie-tale creatures such as Goblins and Ogres ahead of an impending fae invasion! The Wild Hunt took its toll on Plunkett. The team did their best to stop them and came close, but in the end it wasn’t enough.

They’ve since been recruited by the Tattered, a secretive group training those with magickal talent to fight the fae when they bring their fight to Earth. Over the holidays they spent time in England learning more about their talents and the other denizens of the supernatural world they found themselves in.

And now they’re back in Plunkett on their first mission for the Tattered. There’s been a bloody murder with hints of a vampire problem in town. Can the team get to the bottom of the problem?

Stay tuned for future episodes where we listen in on our group as they work to solve the mystery and see if maybe they can help those hurt by the fae when they were in Plunkett only a few months ago!

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