The Hole: Deep and Dark

“What’s in the hole?” is a bit of a loaded question, isn’t it? It could mean anything. (This is my first post this month for the June 2014 RPG Blog Carnival topic – “What’s in the hole?” – hosted right here at Moebius Adventures. Be sure to check out some of the other entries so far.)

RPG Blog Carnival LogoEven before I get to what might be *in* the hole, I’m asking questions about the hole itself:

  • Is it big or small? How far does it go?
  • Round? Square? Strangely shaped?
  • Is it naturally occurring? Or deliberate?
  • Was it made with a particular purpose in mind?
  • Where is it? Floor? Ceiling? Walls? Door?
  • Did something come out of the hole? Or does something go in?
  • Is the hole changing in real-time or has it been there forever?
  • What’s next to the hole? Tools? Debris? Shell casings?

And then I have to define some answers, usually with a few random tables… (And yes, before you ask, it seems I can create a collection of random tables about damn near anything!)

Hole Location (d4)

  1. Up
  2. Down
  3. Right
  4. Left

Hole Size (d6)

  1. Tiny
  2. Small
  3. Medium
  4. Large
  5. Huge
  6. Enormous

Hole Depth (d4)

  1. Inches
  2. Feet
  3. Miles
  4. Forever
(Holes, Disney, 2003)

(Holes, Disney, 2003)

Origin (d8)

  1. Humanoid-made
  2. Creature-made
  3. Collision
  4. Natural
  5. Unnatural
  6. Time
  7. Elements
  8. Magic/Science

Reason (coin flip/even-or-odd)

  1. Deliberate (Heads)
  2. Accidental (Tails)


  • (Up/Tiny/Inches/Humanoid-made/Deliberate) It’s obvious there was a small electronic device embedded in the ceiling here. You can see the wires sticking out from where someone took a screwdriver and unscrewed it, yanking it out of the wiry rat’s nest behind the panel. It may have been a recording device of some sort, but the wires lead you to believe that there may be others…
  • (Down/Small/Feet/Creature-made/Accidental) The dungeon floor is punctured here by several one-foot deep holes. Water has slowly seeped into the holes from beneath and the remains of some small scaly creature beside each leads you to believe that something was hunting for food through the floor. What exactly could hear the creatures moving beneath the stone? And what might have punctured one foot deep holes through solid rock? You hope whatever it is doesn’t hunt you next…
  • (Right/Medium/Miles/Collision/Deliberate) The cave system you have explored up to now has been very naturally-formed by time, water, and wind, but the tunnel you find yourself facing now was definitely not created by water. A small pile of stone and an ashy gray lubricant of some kind is all that remains of whatever passed into the main corridor, but looking into the smoothly bored hole you have to wonder where the heck it goes and what created it. Whatever it is is ahead of you in the cave system somewhere…
  • (Left/Large/Forever/Natural/Accidental) Something wanted out of this asteroid. That’s the only conclusion any of you can come to. Like a giant egg, something has burst out into the vastness of space, leaving a gaping hole in what used to be a perfectly symmetrical mine tunnel. The workers heard a large pop right before the entire system decompressed, venting atmosphere and a pair of unlucky miners in the blast. But whatever it was, it wanted out in a hurry and left nothing behind but the broken rock.

It’s amazing what my strange brain can come up with sometimes… 🙂

For more about the RPG Blog Carnival, check out the archive here!

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