Thanksgiving Greetings 2018

As we come to the US Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a great time to offer thanks to all those who have helped Moebius Adventures in the last year. There are a lot of you, so bear with me…

First, a huge thank you goes to Alan Bahr of Gallant Knight Games. By partnering with us, he has taken a great deal of the pressure off — and I think in the end we’re going to create some amazing gaming materials together. He’s already helped with Aliens & Asteroids, not to mention two pending products in the pipeline, publishing some articles in TinyZine, selling Moebius books at the various conventions he’s been to, and giving me writing opportunities well beyond A&A and Mazes & Perils to play in the GKG sandbox. He’s leading a great group of writers, game designers, and artists — and we’re all stronger as as result.

Second, an even bigger thank you goes out to the folks who helped Kickstart Aliens & Asteroids in October and November 2017. I was overwhelmed by the support and thrilled we got the game out to everybody on time (again with Alan’s help), and I only hope that you have had a chance to play. We have two great adventures coming for you guys from authors Dianna Gunn and Eric Bloat in the next few months and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The A&A universe is a big place and I look forward to filling it a distant corner at a time. Thank you for giving us the kickstart we needed to do that!

Third, I want to send a huge shout to our group at Petrie’s Family Games in Colorado Springs. Since John wandered into my first playtest in August 2017, we have slowly grown into a group that meets like clockwork (except for holidays and a smattering of other weeks when real life intrudes) every Thursday at 8pm. John, Shannon, Kae, Steffi, KB, AJ, and Kattee (we miss you Kattee!) have been an awesome group of players and now Kae is GMing her first campaign and giving me a chance to play. I really couldn’t ask for a better scenario. 🙂

They even put up with my “Weird West” story for several weeks and we playtested some new magic rules for various projects coming in the future… They have been truly awesome!

Speaking of Petries, Cameron has been fantastic at giving us some table space (even letting us use the back room from time to time) and I really appreciate all the help he’s given over the years with selling a few of our books here and there too. Thank you Cameron!

Then there are the folks behind the scenes who have helped throughout 2018 (and before!)…

  • Jim White, George Fields, and Barbara Fitzpatrick (my Mom) — my editing crew for A&A and many many other projects
  • Peter Saga, Jason Adams, and now Nicolás Giacondino — my artists who have done fantastic stuff for the main A&A book, the new stuff coming out, and much more over the years. Plus I can’t forget Bill Pfaff and my daughter Mickey who both helped out in the early days of Moebius as well!
  • Robert Denton who did an amazing job laying out A&A and a few others!
  • Both Dianna Gunn (who also had a successful Kickstarter for her novel Moonshadow’s Guardian) and Eric Bloat (owner and writer for the awesome Bloat Games) have produced content in the last year — which I’m excited to say is coming soon!
  • And folks like Doug Shute (and his awesome Victory Condition Gaming podcast and community)!

Thank you all for a fantastic year for Moebius Adventures. I think we’ve sold around 200 copies of Aliens & Asteroids and that’s our biggest seller to date — with more to come.

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