Ten Ways to Introduce a NPC…

As GMs, we always have a cast of characters rotating around the PCs to help us tell the story, but sometimes it’s difficult to get NPCs into the story.

Flower-Hmong-people-in-MarketHere are ten possible ways to do get your PCs to sit up and take notice…

  1. Have the NPC collapse just outside the party’s campsite.
  2. Send the NPC screaming for help in the party’s direction.
  3. Recruit the NPC to deliver a message or package to the party.
  4. Find the NPC in a chatty mood on the same road as the party.
  5. Have the NPC go shopping in the same marketplace as the party.
  6. Suddenly have the NPC attack the PCs in a case of mistaken identity.
  7. Send the NPC following the party from place to place.
  8. Have the NPC flee in terror after seeing the party.
  9. Send in the NPC to try to sell the party something.
  10. Have the NPC drop something shiny near the party and walk away.

Obviously there are many other ways to inject a NPC into a campaign, but these are a few to get you thinking along those lines.

Stay tuned for other fun tidbits!

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