Ten Things Goblins Say…

This weekend I started playing the Lost Mine of Phandelver with my daughters from the 5e Starter Set and it’s led led to some interesting interactions with goblins. The goblins in the campaign so far seem to be relative cowardly, even just going up against a couple of PCs (a fighter and a wizard) and an NPC (cleric).

goblinI decided to come up with a list of things the PCs may overhear when the goblins are being “stealthy” or “conniving” or even “sassy”…

  1. Me know nothing about [blank]. Me simple goblin.
  2. You silly [human/dwarf/elf]… We gots you now!
  3. Run away! Run away!
  4. Fire! Fire! You fools! Fire!
  5. Did *you* feed the wolves?
  6. How many are coming? One. Two. More than two. Definitely more than two.
  7. Shhh! They will hear us!
  8. Me just sitting here sharpening my shortsword… Who’s buggin’ me now?
  9. Who brought lunch?
  10. We gonna get you [human/dwarf/elf]! Better give up!

The goblins aren’t all that smart. I’m looking forward to seeing just *how* stupid they may be.

So far my daughters have managed to kill half a dozen goblins and capture one. He was very helpful, leading them right into a trap. They escaped, but only barely, and decided to tie the little goblin to a tree and gag him. We’ll see what they do next!

What are your favorite goblin sayings from your own campaigns? I need to beef up this list! 🙂

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