Ten People You Might Run Into In Front of The Painted Man

Whether you go drinking at noon, evening, or just before the sun comes up, odds are you won’t be drinking alone at The Painted Man. But who might you run into one-spot-1-the-painted-man-covercoming or going on the way in? Roll a d10 on the table below and then roll a d4. Even means walking in and odd means they’re just leaving.

  1. Constable making the rounds and checking in with the bartender.
  2. Bar brawler either being escorted out or sleeping it off out front.
  3. Man in black, wide-brimmed hat with a cloak as dark as night.
  4. Noble born traveler slumming to get stories to tell at parties.
  5. Off-duty guard seeking companionship and a bit of grog.
  6. Young man looking for an adventure.
  7. Priest seeking members of his or her wayward flock.
  8. Wizard escaping the lab to mingle with the common man.
  9. Messenger on a mission.
  10. Sailor fresh from the sea.

Who are these people? Only your GM can decide, but there might be more ideas and details to check out in One Spot #1: The Painted Man! Pick up a copy at DriveThruRPG!

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