Ten Hints about Coming Change in the Penned Forest

Far too often, the world around us changes slowly. But in the case of the Penned Forest, observant folks might notice a few things before the rest of the world. It’s been nearly 1,000 years since the forest was locked away and suddenly it appears to be gaining a life of its own.

There have been ten hints those near the forest at the center of the kingdom have noticed but not yet pieced together…

  1. rockwallThe Royal Forester has been missing for a few days, possibly weeks.
  2. Guards have reported the sounds of pawing at the ground on the other side.
  3. Regular patrols have noticed small footprints along the top of the wall in a fine yellow dust.
  4. Strange lights within the forest have been reported at night by evening patrols.
  5. Servants on castle grounds have noticed treetops bending as though something was moving among them, though nothing could be seen.
  6. Stones roughly the same type and texture as those used in the wall have been tossed outside on the ground.
  7. Strange carvings have been seen in the bark facing outward from the forest center one day and gone the next.
  8. Leaves on certain trees change color to bright blues, oranges, and reds, then change back overnight.
  9. A strange fungus has been reported growing on some castle walls facing the tree wall.
  10. No fruit has been seen on trees inside the forest wall for years but suddenly can be found inside in abundance.

Will you be among the perceptive? Or will you be among those shocked when the wild ways return to the world?

Only time will tell…

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