Tattered Magicks

What *is* Tattered Magicks? It’s our take on urban fantasy using the Inverse20 system we developed for Aliens & Asteroids. Simple, flexible mechanics gave us the room to expand into a modern world with magick and monsters.

But what’s it about?

The World of Tattered Magicks

In our myths and legends, there are many tales of gods and monsters raging across the land up to a particular point where they just… stop. So the story behind Tattered Magicks is this…

Around the year 500, Merlin fought a series of battles with a sorceress known as Morgan le Fay, and closed the gateway between the world of magick she represented and our world. When that gateway was open, gods, monsters, and faerie were able to pass to and from the realms and cause trouble. We had always been on the losing side of those battles and Merlin used all his strength to push the faerie realm away from our world to give us a fighting chance.

Merlin was the first to see the possibility of a world without magick as a better one than what was to come. He’d had visions of a world dominated by the fae. A world where humanity was crushed beneath a magickal boot heel. A world where we devolved into animals used for manual labor and sport.

He and the Circle actively worked to close the doorway between Underhill, land of the fae, and Earth. But as they were all kept alive by the very magicks flowing between the worlds, they knew it would cost them their lives — and it was their only chance at giving humanity a chance for a better future: a future that enabled them to choose their own path.

Once the doorways were closed and Underhill was set adrift in the space between universes, we would have some amount of time before the fae found a way to return and seek their revenge.

That time is at hand. And that’s where our heroes come in.

Tomorrow is Here…

Though magick has been gone from our world for a long time, there have always been pockets of the unexplained. Vampires. Werewolves. Ghosts. These are but the tip of the iceberg. A few dedicated members of Merlin’s Order still exist, waiting for the time when they would once again be needed.

Unfortunately for us, the creatures in Underhill haven’t forgotten about the power they held when they roamed freely terrifying humans around the world. In fact, they’ve been actively working to bring our universes together again so they can once again rule with impunity.

Of course, it’s been a while. Firearms and computing power may have reset the balance since the last time they were here. But they’re willing to take that bet.

Welcome to the world of Tattered Magicks where things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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