Amazingly, I am on vacation this week. My goals are simple. Eat. Sleep. Relax. Read. And write, of course.

So while sitting in a hot tub with my family, I began to wonder what in fact actually exists in some of those puddles you find in dungeons. Yes, in the bright sunshine I was pondering dark, dank places. My brain works in strange ways.

Does anyone remember the old Gold box game from SSI in the 1980s called “Pool of Radiance”? It was an AD&D adventure set in the Forgotten Realms and turned into a successful CRPG as the first one in a series that included “Curse of the Azure Bonds” and a few others. I remember it fondly, but can’t remember what was at the pool… was it a dragon? Maybe an undead one?

Pool_of_Radiance_CoverartAnyway, I started coming up with a few strange ideas for pools in dungeons, so here they are…

  • As you descend the stairs, you notice that there are a few puddles of water collecting on the stone floor. A closer look shows a water line, barely visible in the dark, that seems to go almost all the way up the 10 foot wall. It’s about that point where you hear rushing water coming your direction and a stone door silently closes behind you…
  • The tide pools along your seaside path seem strange. As you get closer, you see that many are filled with dark red, cloudy water. And as you ponder getting even closer, you watch a bird get snatched by a fast-moving tentacle reaching from one of those pools of horror…
  • A pool of water has filled with the condensation dripping from the ceiling above and your thief remarks that he may have seen something in the reflection right before your fighter stepped into it and disrupted the surface. The inky monster falls on your friend, quickly enveloping him in a black oily sheen…
  • The pool before you seems very shallow but is covered in a strange, viscous slime that attaches itself to anything it comes into contact with. If you poke through to the bottom, the pool isn’t as shallow as it seems and you find several humanoid-looking bones beneath the submerged reflective surface…
  • The room is covered with a deep pool of water, but you notice a small set of reeds approaching steadily from the other side. The reeds pause for a moment every few seconds, but continue towards you. Within moments a group of goblins covered with slime rising, weapons drawn and ready for battle!

Just a few weird ideas based on watching kids in the pool. Some of them might as well been goblins covered in slime…

So go splash in a few pools of water and see what comes out of them! I will do my best to avoid any seemingly innocent puddles hiding something more nefarious in their depths…


  1. forged

    I’m surprised you didn’t work up a random generator for this. 😛

    • MoebiusAdventures

      I did, but I didn’t like it. Maybe I’ll work on it some more at some point! 🙂

    • MoebiusAdventures

      I did, but I didn’t like it. Maybe I’ll work on it some more at some point! 🙂

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