The Art of Illusion

What is Illusion? The definition is broadly defined as “a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.” A wizard practicing the art of illusion uses the weaknesses… Read More »The Art of Illusion

Fear and Superstition

Superstitious people fear what they don’t understand, ascribing repeated events to strange, unexplainable, and sometimes unbelievable reasons. Many will prey upon the superstitious to gain power and influence. There is a brand of wizardry dedicated… Read More »Fear and Superstition

The Vile Witch is Out!

When I started working on Mazes & Perils with Vince last year, he mentioned that he had some new classes he wanted to include. We added the Enchanter and the Shaman to the mix, which offers… Read More »The Vile Witch is Out!