Insta-Items… just add dice.

So this week I’ve been pondering what’s next for Moebius Adventures and decided one possibility would be to explore the realm of item generation. Sometimes you need that special sword your big villain has been swinging to lob off the heads of the locals and it should be called something other than “longsword.” Or your…

Taboos in Storytelling at My Table

Like many folks, I have been watching Game of Thrones this season (Season 5) and have hit a few points where I’ve had to struggle with my own sensibilities. The last couple of episodes have really tested my limits as far as those taboos. But it’s made me wonder a bit at the various lines I try to avoid in my own storytelling and campaigns… And I could only come up with two.

Keep in mind that these are MY taboos and though they may be shared by other folks, they may not. Obviously George R.R. Martin is ok with many forms of violence in the world of Game of Thrones and the TV producers have certainly taken that to heart.

Also keep in mind there are spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want any GoT Season 5 secrets to be unleashed before you’re ready – stop here.

Infinity Loop: Revising Two Pages to Four

This week, I want to talk a bit about a redesign I’m pondering for the One Spot products. Each one to date has covered two 8 1/2 x 11″ pages pretty completely. The “GM View” page may even be overly packed, considering that the relationship table that runs along the outside margin is barely readable…

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