The Strength of Banter

Words. They can make or break a character. They can define or destroy relationships. They can set the tone for the most innocuous-sounding encounter that blows up to something enormous. Without them, I’ve never seen… Read More »The Strength of Banter

Book Review: D-Jumpers Volume #1: A Gate to Adventure from DVOID Systems

When Da’ Vane (Christina Freeman) dropped me a note about the first D-Jumpers product from DVOID Systems, I was definitely intrigued. Da’ Vane is another of the folks going through Yax & Johnn Four’s Gamer Lifestyle Project. She started in April 2010 and in six months has released a book with help from Ouroboros I (Sebastian . . . → Read More: Book Review: D-Jumpers Volume #1: A Gate to Adventure by Da’ Vane of DVOID Systems

PC Therapy?

A concept came up in discussion a couple of weeks ago about how to resolve inter-party issues. We’re not going to try it ourselves, but I wanted to write about it a bit to share… Read More »PC Therapy?