Tattered Vampires

In honor of Halloween, I thought it was time to reveal a bit about vampires in the Tattered Magicks world. Though my playtesters haven’t encountered any yet, they are definitely out and about causing trouble… Read More »Tattered Vampires

What is “magick”?

If you ask ten people to define “magic,” you will probably get ten different answers like: Casting a spell like Merlin or Gandalf. Performing illusions and sleight-of-hand tricks. Mesmerizing a crowd with a song or… Read More »What is “magick”?

A New Playtest Begins…

We began playtesting Tattered Magicks on the first Tuesday in September 2019, which is more than two years since we started playtesting Aliens & Asteroids at the same place — our FLGS Petrie’s Family Games.… Read More »A New Playtest Begins…