Review on GKR: Kobold Quarterly Fall 2010 Issue 15

Hi there! I’ve posted another review on Game Knight Reviews, this time of the 2010 holiday issue of Kobold Quarterly. Once again, the kobolds have carefully crafted a tome worthy of your attention – from druids and traps to giant ants and mounted combat, there’s plenty to whet your appetite. Wolfgang Baur and his crew…

Magazine Review: Kobold Quarterly Summer 2010 Issue 14

Yahoo! The Summer 2010 issue of Kobold Quarterly is overflowing with chewy gaming goodness. And if you’re just in the mood for some amazing art, cover to cover is full of spectacular full color and black and white art, starting with “The Paladin’s Treasure” on the front cover. We all knew Paladins were adventuring for something . . . → Read More: Magazine Review: Kobold Quarterly Summer 2010 Issue 14

Magazine Review: Kobold Quarterly, Spring 2010, Issue 13

Hi everybody… The good people at Kobold Quarterly are at it again, producing another fine issue of their roleplaying games (RPG) magazine. However, I have to warn you – perhaps this issue should have come in a paper wrapper because of the cover. The cover art features a scene right out of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night,…

Magazine Review: Kobold Quarterly Fall 2009 Issue 11

Hi all! Along with many other folks, I had an opportunity to check out the Fall 2009 issue of Kobold Quarterly in October… And I’m just now getting back to writing up the review. But here I am! I have to admit that I’d only seen one other issue of the magazine a couple of…

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