A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 1

As I work on the next installment of the Insta-NPCs line (officially now named Insta-NPCs #10: Caveat Emptor and should be released by the end of July if all goes well), I thought back on one of the more enjoyable blog runs I did back in October 2014 where I basically went through Heroic Maps’ Haunted Mansion map and detailed each room, one at a time, using Moebius products (31 Days of Halloween). Well, I think it’s time for another one of those projects.

dramascape-medieval-market-cover-791x1024This time I’m going to work through the DramaScape Medieval Market map (available for free at DriveThruRPG). And instead of a room at a time, we’ll work through it a stall at a time. Looks like I have at least 8 areas to go through, which ought to offer plenty of room for strange and wonderful people to be doing strange things, wouldn’t you say?

My plan is to use the context of the “Medieval Market” in conjunction with the tables I’ve pulled together for Caveat Emptor, to see what’s going on. We will begin in the upper left corner of the map (page 5 of the PDF) and see what we can do.

The top left stall appears to belong to a potter of some variety. The tables on both sides of the stall are filled with pots and possibly pans. So let’s see who we find shuffling around this place…

With a few die rolls, I end up with this combination of details:

  • Who: Undetermined
  • Purpose: Seller
  • Product: Pottery (not rolled, but selected)
  • Success: Total Success
  • Transport: Wagon
  • State of Mind: Guilty
  • State of Completion: Finished
  • Descriptor: Giving

That led to this description:

“Gauwis, the Potter of Ningulond, came to the market in Falonde to sell his wares for the first time this week. Until now he has usually sold his products in Vinargal down the road, but his wife Phera told him to go a bit farther afield than usual.

‘Perhaps the Falonders will recognize your talents more than these idiots in Ningulond,’ she said as she sent him on his way a few days ago.

And in true Pheran fashion, she was right.

Within 2 days of setting up in the market, he managed to sell out of nearly 75% of the items he and his wife had carefully packed on the cart. That amounted to the sale of nearly 100 different pieces, from flower pots to cooking pots, spouted pitchers, bowls, cups, plates, and more. The townspeople were so pleased to have a new vendor selling quality pottery that his stall tables emptied almost as soon as he put items out to peruse. He felt so guilty at his own success that he began giving away a free cup with every purchase, which only fanned the flames further.

Sales slowed down today however, so Gauwis is planning on packing up his few remaining pieces and heading home in the morning. His tables hold the remaining stock from the cart and he has spent another pleasant day chatting with the locals and trying to contain his excitement.

Upon his return home, his wife may in fact be glorious happy… for a brief moment anyway. But they’d definitely have to rebuild their supply of pots for sale and come back soon!”

It’s actually nice writing about someone who is having some success for a change!

The names all came from the Fantasy Name Generators over at donjon.bin.sh. I use it a ton to help come up with names quickly, so I definitely recommend it!

Obviously I recommend the maps from the great cartographers over at DramaScape as well. They have some fantastic maps!

Next time we’ll see who’s prowling around the fish vendor’s stall!

Looking for other Insta-NPCs products? Check out the product page for all the links!

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