Strange Wizardry: Four Accidents

As I was writing up last week’s post about the monsters created through alchemical experimentation, my mind wouldn’t stop wondering about some of the other weird accidents that might occur during wizardry. So I came up with a few…

Don’t Inhale!

The warehouse at the old school of wizardry didn’t fare too well after Arqor sneezed and cast Fireball in such a tiny space as the potions closet. That was when “the cloud” was created. School administrators didn’t want to give it a name at first, but students quickly called it the Alchemical Fog. It was picked up by the wind and blew through the city causing all sorts of mischief…

It seems that if you fall victim to the cloud by being in its path and inhaling, you suffer any of a unique number of afflictions or affects. Sure, they might be beneficial. But more often than not, they are simply weird. Use the table of Specific Potions and Oils over at d20pfsrd to give yourself some ideas…

poofBut here’s a smaller list for inspiration (d10):

  1. Cure light wounds
  2. Mage armor
  3. Pass without trace
  4. Barkskin
  5. Daylight
  6. Haste
  7. Rage
  8. Fly
  9. Shield
  10. Invisibility

Some people tempt fate by chasing it down. You never know what you might get. It was a fully stocked closet of potions that blew up, after all. But something tells me that a sudden case of flying or haste might end badly for some poor sucker who stumbles into its path…

Break on Through

SONY DSCWhile messing around in the wizardry combat arena, two wizards – Acharad and Fiyora – were casting high level spells at one another for fun and both happened to cast Gate at the same time. The first gate opened the way to a random plane and the second gate ripped a hole clear through to a third plane. The strange convergence somehow stuck and no matter what the wizards did to try and close it, nothing worked.

Unfortunately it ripped a hole into a prison plane for wayward demons. Those demons are ticked off and looking for payback. And they don’t care which plane they destroy to get it.

Oops. Anybody got a roll of duct tape?

Random Components

c5728-crazyharrySo you have a well-stocked shelf of potion components, do you? What happens when someone swaps labels?

Imagine if you make a potion of Cure Light Wounds, give it to your friend, and suddenly they blow apart into a million pieces? How do you determine which potions were made by Crazy Harry and which ones are real? Are you going to sample them all or toss them?

Hmmmm… What’s your alignment again?

Magical Dead Zone

Long ago there was a battle between two highly capable wizards that lasted for days. Spell after spell was cast until the entire area was rendered dead. Somehow they managed to deplete all of the magical energy in the area – to the point where magical items don’t even work.

The whole Dead Zone has become quite a travel destination. Folks who want to guarantee privacy from magical means have been meeting there regularly. And it’s been the spot for many diplomatic exchanges.

But what happens when magic comes back to the area? Nobody knows…


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