Stormy Weather (RPG Blog Carnival, April 2016)

The April 2016 RPG Blog Carnival is all about Weather in RPGs and it got me thinking about how I might use weather in my own games. The first thing that popped into my head however was the song “Stormy Weather,” sung in the early 1950s by Billie Holiday. My brain automatically falls to music quite a bit of time to set the mood. I use it when I write to help set the mood and think it can be used (in small quantities) to great effect at the game table as well.

But on this particular topic I got hung up on the what more than the how… What would I use to inspire a bit of weather-related phenomenon in my game prep? And then it hit me… why not use song titles?

So here’s a random table of weather-related song titles and a few examples of how I might use them… Dust off your d30 for this one (or use this cool online one I found at KreativeKorp). I found the song titles at Who Sang That Song?, which has a ton of others if you’re looking.

30 Random Song Titles to Inspire the Weather

  1. weather-showers-scatteredAcid Rain (Alexis Jordan)
  2. After the Rain (Nelson)
  3. Against the Wind (Bob Seger)
  4. Ain’t No Sunshine (Bill Withers)
  5. Black Rain (Soundgarden)
  6. Borne on the Wind (Roy Orbison)
  7. Clouds Across the Moon (Rah Band)
  8. Cyclone (Baby Bash)
  9. Electrical Storm (U2)
  10. Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
  11. Foggy Foggy Dew (folk)
  12. God of Thunder (Kiss)
  13. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (Bryan Ferry)
  14. Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon and Garfunkel)
  15. Heat Wave (Irving Berlin)
  16. I Can’t Stand the Rain (Ann Peebles)
  17. Kisses on the Wind (Neneh Cherry)
  18. Let it Rain (Eric Clapton)
  19. Lighting Crashes (Live)
  20. Misty (Johnny Mathis)
  21. Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)
  22. Purple Rain (Prince & The Revolution)
  23. The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin)
  24. Riders on the Storm (Doors)
  25. Sandstorm (Cast)
  26. So Cold the Night (Communards)
  27. The Thunder Rolls (Garth Brooks)
  28. Wayward Wind (Gogi Grant)
  29. The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix Experience)
  30. Windy (The Association)


  • canis-lupis-footsteps-track(2 – After the Rain) As the party travels to their next destination they come across an area recently soaked in a thunderstorm. Mud slows them down a bit as they slog down the road, but suddenly they discover a strange set of tracks from a [insert monster here]…
  • (29 – The Wind Cries Mary) Stepping into the street, the clouds overhead threaten a storm. As the wind rushes past the PCs, they hear a scream carried by a sudden downdraft and scramble to figure out its source…
  • (15 – Heat Wave) With no rain in weeks and no shade to speak of, the city the PCs are currently in is baking in the sun. With no relief, the city people are losing their minds and irritable with every little thing. The hulking man before the PCs greets them with a scowl and a growl as he attacks with no provocation…
  • (6 – Borne on the Wind) Ahead of the coming storm, the wind has picked up since the PCs stepped inside. As they enter the street, they are pelted by a cloud of leaflets proclaiming the end of times and an upcoming proclamation by the high priest of a local cult…
  • (18 – Let It Rain) This storm began days ago, first as a welcome relief from the heat and later as concerns of flooding became all too real. Sopping, saturated ground has led way to several waves of water crashing down city streets. But it’s the creatures the water carried down that same streets that seem to be terrorizing people now…

Other thoughts

You could take that list of songs and generate a random generator that takes all of the inputs and you’d have quite a few more options, but there’s a lot of repetition. But I like that you could use the song titles as they are or take a look at the lyrics themselves for even more inspiration or even go to the composers vs. the performers to add additional ideas. This is an untapped area to play with in my mind. 🙂

Great topic to write about from Stephanie Bryant over at Mortaine’s Blog. I look forward to seeing what other wacky ideas the community comes up with!

Want to join in the Blog Carnival fun? Check out the archive over at Roleplaying Tips for topics past and future!

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