Some Technical Glitches

I don’t know if you noticed, but we hit some issues this week with the website. Our domains and PHP and heaven knows what else got out of whack.

My old provider took a long time to respond and when they finally did, they didn’t quite get things working again. Thankfully Brian and the team at PeoplesHost were there to pick up the pieces. Not only did they migrate everything over — nearly 5 gigs of data I’ve accumulated across a mess of servers over the last 10 years. (I started my first blog posts in 2006 so have been at this whole blogging/writing online thing for more than a decade now.)

If you’re looking for a great hosting alternative, I can’t recommend PeoplesHost enough.

It took them the better part of a day to get everything migrated over and it’s taken a little while since we had to wait for the DNS servers to get all their stuff synchronized. But we are back up and running and I have a responsive team watching out for all of my web data. They even got a website running that hasn’t been updated in a long while to run. I don’t know what voodoo they worked, but they definitely have the magic touch.

So… Thank you Brian and team at PeoplesHost. I will be singing your praises for a while. And we’re back in business!

If anybody notices any weirdness, please let me know. We’ll get it looked at right away!

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