Smite Evil! The Holy Knight is Here to Help!

It’s time for a new warrior in the battle against evil to come forth… Holy Knights are perfect for the job as able-bodied men and women taking up the cause for their divine patrons and driving back the darkness.

mazes-perils-holy-knight-coverThe Holy Knight is the latest OSR-friendly class released into the wild for Mazes & Perils from Moebius Adventures. He is a blessed warrior of all things good and pure – the perfect weapon for your campaign arsenal against the forces of evil! This class can be played as PC or NPC, and includes some neat new tricks, 6 new spells, and new rules for Squires and Followers.

All for a mere $1.99!

Pick it up today and check out some of our other M&P products like Mazes & Perils Deluxe and The Vile Witch, or our adventures – The Brigade and The Howling Mines of Khegek!

The Holy Knight is available in the Moebius Adventures store and also at:

We hope he (or she) finds a home in your Mazes & Perils campaign!

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