The Six Unique Characters in our Aliens & Asteroids Campaign, Part 5

Last, but definitely not least, we have Commander Zell Cantrell, pirate and leader to the team. Played by KT, Zell embodies the ideals of a pirate and leads from the front. She is NOT to be trifled with!

6. Zell Cantrell, Commander


Zell was nothing like our first commander (A. Serious). Zell approached her work more like a pirate, with a blade between her teeth and ready to take anything on. Literally! She had a blade between her teeth in a few of our early adventures. 🙂 And yes, she has a background as an ex-space pirate to really drive that home.

Leadership and Guns were among the first traits she took, but far from the only ones. She has Languages, Gambler, and Melee, plus has specialized in the Pulse Rifle. I did mention that she’s a no-nonsense kind of leader, didn’t I? She’s fond of her pulse rifle, which she has named Renoir, and added to multiple times — including a bayonet, a grenade launcher, and a flamethrower in the style of Ripley from Alien. She has used a few Purchase Rolls over the last few months and that weapon has bloodied a few dark hallways and cave walls from time to time.

She is fond of charging into the middle of the battle and laying down cover fire with Renoir, just to soften things up or get her people into a better position. She’s charged in to save the day a few times, and always with a grin or a grimace.

Didn’t I tell you this was a fun group?

  • We have our NPC Space Marines — Jennifer and Buddy.
  • Our space ghost-fearing tech – Sean.
  • Our fierce medic – Victoria.
  • Our sniper/scientist – Astra.
  • And our pirate commander – Zell.

They all may have started out as tentative 1st level characters, but now they’re 7th level kick-ass characters exploring the universe!

And soon you too can create your own unique characters for Aliens & Asteroids!

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