The Six Unique Characters in our Aliens & Asteroids Campaign, Part 4


After Sean Samsonite and Victoria Stone joined the party, we had two new characters join our ranks. One of those was Astra Brannigan, played by Kaelynn.

5. Astra Brannigan, Dominion Scientist

Xenobiologist Astra Brannigan began pretty simply, but over time she’s gained a great deal of confidence and become a big part of the combat side of the team as well as an inquisitive mind in need of more samples. She’s always collecting samples and analyzing them with her kit of science tools — everything from simple microscopy to chemical analyses and beyond.

She started out with the Xenobiology and Observant traits, both of which proved exceedingly useful. Astra was much more aware of her surroundings than some others on the team (*cough* Buddy *cough*), which was a boon on alien worlds dealing with unusual flora, fauna, and enemies!

Her standard tactics include taking samples of everything she can in “tactical zip-lock bags” for future analyses. Once she goes down the research rabbit hole, she’s tough to deter from her path — especially when she gets into a fully stocked lab!

Unfortunately, she felt like she wasn’t very effective when the shooting began in those early adventures. She learned how to use the Aim action in combat to give herself a better chance of hitting things and then took it a few steps further by taking specialized training with the Sniper Rifle and the Pistol, as well as learning the Sniper skill. Now when she reaches out to touch something across the battlefield, it usually notices.

In recent battles, she’s racked up quite a kill total, including a strange alien/spider hybrid in a recent adventure who perished in spectacular fashion.

Astra is definitely not helpless in combat any longer! One part egghead, one part assassin. Oh, and did I mention she has a “net” gun that she uses to capture larger creatures while they’re alive?

Next time we’ll talk about our group’s fearless commander, Zell Cantrell! No other character has embraced their inner pirate quite like Zell. 🙂

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